Zeus, the Bull

In ancient Greece they created mythological stories, through imaginary poetry, which told about the constellations. Planets and stars would interact with each other, and people would stand in wonder over their glory.

One such story transform Zeus into the Great Bull, his lust became like the bull.


The beautiful girl Europe was the most beautiful lady of her land. Her golden hair would float in the wind, as if the Lord was whispering through her hair. Her limbs were like the finest marble in the city, and no man could shun away from her. She was the princess Europe, daughter of the Phoenician King Agenor.

Zeus saw her visiting a curtain water stream, where she would take her bath. He was so hypnotized by her beauty, only the Sun could compare, so he came down to earth. While falling back to earth, he changed himself to a beautiful white bull.

Europe was taking her usually bath, by the old water stream. This stream had been used by many ladies of her line, pure water from the earth’s inner core. Suddenly she heard a sound from behind some bushes. She was startled, and quickly took her scarf to cover her body. Europe came out of the water only covered her little scarf, as the white Bull came into sight from behind the bushes. It was eating grass, but was surprised to see her. The bull walked so it stood in front of her, then it knelt before her. Europe was so fascinated by the beautiful creature that she went close to the bull.

As Zeus was bent to his knees, he could feel her eyes upon him. He longed for her, her hands caressing his mighty body. Suddenly he saw her feet moving closer to him, first he saw her beautiful feet then her legs. He had fallen to earth, for the sent of a beautiful girl.

She crawled upon his back, were she started to play with his hair. Her touch felt like a thousand explosion inside him, and the sent of her body struck his body like lightning of love.

Europe had fallen deeply in love with this unique creature. Its fur was so soft, that Europe’s hands could not stop playing with it. She had forgotten time and place, not even the fact that the scarf was only covering half of her body woke her from this state.

Suddenly the Bull began to run, his direction was the sea.

Zeus wanted Europe as his lover, and he would do almost anything for calming this desirer. Zeus saw the water in the horizon, he began running towards the water, with Europe upon his back to Crete.

On old astronomy charts, it is only Taurus upper body that can be seen. The reason is because it is a captive moment in time, where Zeus as the Bull is leaping from the waters.

2008 By Karima Lachtane

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