You'll be a Millionaire if You Find This Stone!

You'll be a Millionaire if You Find This Stone!

Precious stones are some of the earth’s most exquisite natural treasures. Some are so treasured that people pay millions of dollars for them. Not only are rare stones beautiful to look at, but they reflect eye-catching and dazzling patterns when put in sunlight. Others have religious symbolism. Here are the list of most expensive stones in the world.
1. Tanzanite
These expensive stones are the blue and violet variety of the mineral zoisite, caused by small amounts of vanadium. Tanzanites belong to the epidote mineral group. The gems were named after Tanzania, the country in which they were discovered, by Tiffany & Company. When Tiffany introduced the gems to the market in 1968, they didn’t think the scientific name, “blue-violet zoisite” was consumer-friendly. In 2002, the American Gem Trade Association chose Tanzanite. The expensive gems cost 1500 dollars per carat.
2. Royal Demantoid
One of the most expensive substances on earth, this rare garnet variety has a green color that rivals emerald. Demantoids are highly prized by both gem collectors and jewelry enthusiasts. The Royal Demantoids price starts from 2000 dollars per carat. In terms of clarity, these stones are relatively clean. Demantoids often contain radiating needle intrusions that are termed “horsetails.” In the market, they are found mainly displayed as round brilliant or cushion-like cuts. Cabochon-cut Demantoids are also available but rare.
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3. Taaffeite
This is one of the most expensive stones and is named after its discoverer Richard Taaffe. He found the first sample, a cut, and polished gem, in Dublin, Ireland, in October 1945. It is therefore the only gemstone that was first identified from a faceted stone. Most of the gem pieces had been misidentified as spinel, prior to Taaffe’s discovery. Only a few samples of the Taaffeite were known for many years, and it is still one of the world’s rarest minerals. Chemical and X-ray analysis confirmed Taaffeite‘s main constituents as beryllium, magnesium, and aluminum, making it the first mineral to contain both beryllium and magnesium as essential components. Taaffeite’s current price starts from 2000 dollars per carat.
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4. Poudretteite
This precious stone was first discovered as minute crystals in Mont St. Hilaire, in Quebec during the 1960s. The mineral was named after the Poudrette family because they operated th quarry in the Mont St. Hilaire area where the Poudretteite was originally found. The gem forms transparent violet to pink roughly equant barrel-shaped prismatic crystals. To acquire one carat of this stone, you need 3000 dollars. Indeed one of the most expensive stones in the world.
5. Painite
These expensive stones are found only in Myanmar. The first Painite specimen, a single crystal, was identified as a new gem species in 1957. Until 2001, only two more crystals were found. Since then, more painites have been discovered. Over a thousand crystals and fragments have now been recovered, but most of this expensive material isn’t face table. Although painites have a hardness of 8, great brilliance, and attractive red colors, they present some challenges for gem cutters. This gemstone comes at 60,000 dollars per carat.
6. Red Diamonds
This is one of the most expensive diamonds with the same mineral properties as colorless diamonds. They are considered the world’s most expensive and rare diamonds, more so than pink or blue diamonds. The source of the color of the red and the ink diamonds is highly debate, but the gemological community attributes both colors to gliding atoms in the structure of the diamond as it undergoes tremendous pressure during its formation. To obtain a carat of the most expensive diamonds, you will part with 2million dollars only.
7. Cobra Pearl
It is believe that possessing a The Cobra Pearl or Snake Stone or Naag Mani attains wealth, good fortune. Snake charmers roam at nights around areas where snakes are there and search for this miraculous stone. In African and Asian folklore it is believed that anybody who possesses such a snake stone will never be troubled by snakes, devils and spirits or any chronic diseases. But in snake’s anatomy there is no stones like this. Some believe that, snake gather these stone from somewhere else rather than growing it into their body. Three conmen in Pudukottai in Tamil Nadu tried to sell a stone worth $30 million and caught by the local police. They convinced the buyer to buy it by blooming 2 flower buds within few seconds by keeping the stone beside it. Let us know what you think about that black stone in the comment.
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