When Kundalini Reaches the Throat Chakra, What happens? #shorts #kundalini #chakras #throatchakra

When Kundalini Reaches the Throat Chakra, What happens? #shorts #kundalini #chakras #throatchakra

In the third-level Vethathiri SKY Yoga workshop,
you will learn Visukthi meditation as part of the nine-centre meditation.

When Kundalini reaches the throat chakra
1) you connect to the Ether or Akash energy
2) your metabolism improves
3) ego-centric behaviour gives way to soul-centric behaviour
4) you experience better discrimination powers, creativity, and self-expression
5) you give voice to your spirit
6) you will say what you mean and mean what you say
7) your speech becomes uplifting and wise

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Prof. Krish Murali Eswar.

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  1. Anant on February 14, 2023 at 1:59 am

    I want to learn more and join, please provide me sky yoga center ckntact details in Pune, Maharashtra