What Your Gemstones Can Do For You


Jewelry can say a lot about a woman. Whether your style is bold or
demure, conventional or artistic, your jewelry can often reflect your
inner taste and your creativity, without saying a word. And while
diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, gemstones come in a close second.

Some people enjoy gemstones based solely on their colorful appearance
and natural appeal, while others hold gemstones in high regard for their
alleged mystical and healing powers. Since gemstones are such a natural
part of Earth, it is easy to envision the possibility that they posses
and transmit a power to heal and affect the body. The legend around
gemstones states that the more you wear them, the more the power within
them is supposed to increase and offer you the protection of that
particular stone.

Which gemstone you incorporate into your jewelry will depend on what
type of power you are seeking. For example, if you are seeking spiritual
peace maybe you should consider wearing moonstone, which is also
supposed to help ease a difficult labor and make menstrual cramps more

For those who are seeking protection from abuse and negativity, obsidian
is alleged to offer its protective force as well as bring clarity and
insight to the wearer. Onyx is the gemstone for those who want to banish
grief, encourage self control, and bring about good fortune. Those who
wear onyx are also bringing strength to the center of the skeleton
system for optimum physical health. And for people who are hoping to
restore harmony in their lives and open themselves up to clarity in
decisions, the gemstone to wear is opal. Opal is also supposed to help
you provide faith in yourself and free you from destructive habits.

And while quartz is one of the most popular gemstones to incorporate
into jewelry because it come in such a wide array of colors, it also
comes with various healing powers. For example, the lovely purple
amethyst is said to calm the mind and help the bearer break bad habits,
while the clear quartz on the other end of the spectrum is said to amp
up your energy levels and help digestion at a physical level.

Whether you believe in the mystical and healing powers of gemstones or
are just attracted to the beautiful colors and natural designs found in
them, they make beautiful pieces of jewelry. Many women find a great
deal of joy in wearing gemstone jewelry whether they follow the folklore
surrounding them or just for the sake of the pure beauty the gemstones

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