What is a Green Hotel? Six Things No Green Hotel Should be Without

It seems as if you can’t turn around anymore without running into
something “green.”  Nowhere is that more
true than in lodging.  Green hotels – or
at least, those calling themselves green – are sprouting up everywhere, and
travelers are becoming increasingly more aware of what to look for and how to
judge whether or not a green hotel actually is… well, green!


You want your guests to know without a doubt that there’s no
green-washing happening at your green hotel. 
I’ve put together a green hotel checklist so you can see how your
property stacks up.  Does your property


Staff Buy-In and Ongoing Education:  In a truly green hotel, everyone – from the front desk staff to
the owner and everyone in between – fully understands, supports, practices and
can communicate the property’s environmental policies. 


A Working (and funded!)
Energy Strategy: 
Today’sgreen hotelsgo beyond just changing a few light bulbs and implementing a linen
reuse policy.  They analyze their energy
efficiency – including conducting Energy Star benchmarking —  and then seek out and apply for incentives,
rebates and loans that allow them to make meaningful changes in their


A Green Purchasing Plan: From locally-grown organic
produce for its banquet salads to environmentally sensitive cleaning products and
furnishings, green hotels know where and how to source the most cost-effective
earth-friendly products.


Green Hotel Certification:
A green
hotel designation from a certifying body that does on-site audits assures your
guests that your property has met rigorous environmental standards.


Specialized Marketing:  Green hotels recognize that expertly targeted internet marketing is vital to
their ongoing success in an increasingly competitive industry.


So how does your property stack up?  I know it seems daunting to meet all those
requirements, to track down trustworthy, LEED-Accredited Professional advisors,
find rebates and incentives, train everybody, and still manage to run a lodging
facility… who has time for that? 


That’s why I created EcoGreenHotel to be a one-stop
shop.  We have trainers, engineers,
financial advisors, purchasing and marketing specialists, thousands of quality
green products and a certification program to meet the needs of every type and
size of lodging facility at all stages in the green hotel process. We are
LEED-Accredited Professionals specializing in energy efficiency.  We can help your property achieve all of the
above in the most cost-effective way possible, and we can start today.



About EcoGreenHotel

EcoGreenHotel is a company dedicated to helping lodging facilities address
energy and environmental solutions. Sustainability services are strategically
designed to help hotels identify incentives, rebatesArticle Submission, and grants to allocate
toward energy efficient solutions to decrease energy costs and achieve the
Triple Bottom Line. EcoGreenHotel also offers Energy Star Benchmarking and
Energy Efficiency Analysis. For further information visit www.EcoGreenHotel.com
or call 888.229.0213.


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