Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal and Gemstone Healing

Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal and Gemstone Healing

http://www.ataanamethod.com Different gemstones shown to support your transformational journey. The Watermelon Tourmaline connects the mind and the heart. Bringing joy into the heart and supporting the heart and the mind to heal and connect. This healing crystal supports the physical and emotional heart. Enjoy the healing energy of this powerful watermelon tourmaline crystal.

Fluorite crystal supports removing thoughts or mind control patterns out of your system.

Aquamarine supports the external and internal communication. Supports the 5th or throat chakra, Vishuddha “I communicate”. Supports the spin of the 5th chakra and connects with the higher Divine communication.

Malachite gemstone supports the heart chakra and the healing aspects of the heart.

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