UPPER CHAKRAS Heart Throat Brow Crown Activation Tuning Meditation

UPPER CHAKRAS Heart Throat Brow Crown Activation Tuning Meditation

Tune, balance, open and activate the Heart, Throat, Brow (Third Eye), and Crown Chakras with the woven, interlaced frequencies within this soundscape.

The upper Chakras focused on here:

-Heart (Anahata) Green Chakra – Receive Love, Feel Compassion, Healing, Passion, Devotion
-Throat (Vishuddha) Blue or Turquoise Chakra – Communication, Creativity, Independence, Sense of Security
-Brow (Ajna/Third Eye) Inigo Chakra – Awareness, Intuition, Inner Guidance, Clairvoyance, Creativity and Healing
-Crown (Sahasrara) Violet Chakra – Inner Wisdom, Release of Karma, Universal Consciousness, Spirituality


Namaste! Peace to you all my friends! ☥☬☮☯☸

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    Maitriya ❤