Types Of Woman Jewelry


Jewelry has been defined as an ornamental item that is prepared from different types of precious substances like diamond, gold, gem stones, ruby, quartz, jasper etc. Since thousand of years jewelry has been used to denote status. Jewelry also plays a very significant role to represent the culture of different regions.Jewelry plays a massive role to represent your self. Most of the women and some man also like to wear jewelry. Following are some types of woman jewelry.Necklace is the most common type of jewelry for woman, large variety of necklaces available in the market of different lengths and designs. Necklace can be made up of different materials like plastic, wood, metals, stones, shells etc.Wearing a necklace is a fabulous way which enables to wear jewelry without looking over dressed. The cost of a necklace depends on the material from which it made.Earrings are very popular costume jewelry item. Earrings attached with the ear by piercing ear lobes. Earrings are very common among the woman’s of all civilizations. An earring may be made up of metals, plastics, gold, diamond etc. Designs of earrings ranges from large plates to small loops. Earrings are also available of many precious stones. Bangle is one of the finest accessories that any woman can wear. Bangles come in a large variety of colors and made up of different substances like gold and silver. Bangle is an only type of jewelry that can be easy to wear and also very easy to maintain. Finger Ring is also very popular jewelry item. Ring is a sign of engagement or marriage for a woman but now it also becomes a fashion symbol. Rings are made up of different materials like gold, platinum, diamond, silver, metals and many more. The tradition of a nose ring is very old. Woman wears a nose ring by piercing her nose. Nose ring made up of different materials but gold and silver nose rings are very common. Basically nose ring is a fashion symbol of South Asian woman.Toe ring is not a very common type of costume jewelry. But many women or especially teen girls like to wear toe rings. It is most popular in Asian countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh. A toe ring is made up of different metals and non-metals. Bracelet is a type of jewelry which is worm around the wrist. Typically bracelets are very flexible. When it comes to bracelet a woman have unlimited variety of styles and sizes. The best feature of a bracelet is that a woman can wear it at any time or any occasion.Some woman also wear bracelet for the sake of luck. A bracelet may be made up of different materials like metal, glass, plastic, silver, jute. Obviously the cost of a bracelet depends on the material from which it manufactured. Now some health bracelets are also available in the market.

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