Tourmaline Flat Iron

Need a
hair iron that provides excellent results without the heat damage? Well, we’ve
got the perfect flat iron for you. Tourmaline is a crushed gemstone in flat
iron plates to smooth and seal the hair quickly and gently.

Ionic technology,
which is found in ceramic plates, is also in tourmaline plates but to a higher
extent. This means that tourmaline releases six times more of those wonderful
negative ions in charge of smoothing and sealing the hair’s cuticles protecting
it from further damage. Tools with tourmaline technology also reduce
“hot spots” and uneven heat distribution, which can damage and burn
hair. What’s more, tourmaline flat irons are ideal for women with color treated
hair. An uneven cuticle can make the hair color look dull and worn so using a
tourmaline iron will smooth it down, keeping the hair dye from fading while
protecting your hair’s style and health.

With all these benefits it makes you
wonder why you hardly hear of tourmaline when it comes to flat irons. This is
because tourmaline irons, unlike ceramic irons, have less variety on the market
making them limited and not too favorable for the market as people prefer a
wide range of choice when buying. However, you will probably see more ceramic
and tourmaline irons as this combination proves to be extremely beneficial for
every type of hair due to the infrared and ionic technology both materials use,
providing only the shiniest, silkiest and healthiest looking hair you can
possibly get without the worry of heat damage.

flat irons
not only are safer and gentler on your hair while delivering
irresistibly soft and shiny resultsFind Article, but they’re also cheaper than most ceramic
irons! This is why tourmaline is on high demand and even celebrities prefer
them as they can’t possibly leave their house without an amazing style and have
to straighten their hair on a regular basis. If it works incredibly well for
them then just imagine the benefits it could give you!

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