Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

Tourmaline ceramic flat irons are exceptional hairstyling
tools that promise outstanding results for all hair types while providing the
utmost protection from heat damage. This is due to the incredible combination
of the two most popular materials in the beauty industry for a smooth,
versatile, fast and powerfully ionic hair styling tool.

Tourmaline is a swift, gentle and incredibly ionic material
which is ideal for thick, coarse, frizzy and curly hair types but its speed and
gentility also lets it be the top choice for dry, damaged, color treated and
naturally straight hair types. Ceramic is a reliable, equal heating and
versatile material perfect for every hair type of every length since it uses
impeccably smooth plates to glide over the hair and transform it into any style
while shielding it from heat damage with its protective technologies.

One of these protective technologies is far-infrared heating
which is the gentlest way to heat the hair since the infrared rays softly warm
each strand from the inside out to avoid damaging the delicate exterior layer
and by doing so your hair will look much softer and healthier. Infrared rays
also seal the shafts to defend them from heat damage and to retain the natural
moisture within each strand for hydrated and vibrantly shiny locks.

Another protective technology is tourmaline’s powerful ionic
component which speeds up the straightening process so less heat will have to
applied to your hair, thus reducing the chance of heat damage and promoting
your hair’s health. This technology also reduces static, frizz and volume by
liberating negative ions to counteract the positive ions which are the cause of
messy looking manes. What’s more, an ionic component actually helps your hair
to remain soft, supple and completely frizz free for longer so it’s a great
advantage for those rebellious hair types that don’t retain a straightened
style for long and constantly need touch ups.

Of course this type of flat iron requires genuine plates to
function as expected, but you’ll know it as soon as you see the color of the
plates which should be a gun metal grey to prove if the flat iron uses pure
ceramic and tourmaline. But don’t forget that in order to have the best quality
flat iron you must ensure an adjustable heat setting which is vital for
controlling the temperature you apply to your hair and to avoid burning your
locks with too much heat or not styling at all with too little.

Tourmaline ceramic flat irons are the fastest, easiest and
safest way to straighten and style hair regardless of your hair type, so it’s
not hard to see why professional hair stylists recommend them and why even the
top celebrities use them. Whether you want to wear your hair straight, curly or
wavy, a tourmaline ceramic flat iron will do it beautifully while protecting
your hair to keep your locks supple and replenished for any style you desire.


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