Tooth Crowns – So You Need to Get a Crown?


So, what do you need to know about tooth crowns? Well, in most cases,
you should expect to make two visits to the dentist during the process
of getting a crown. Getting a crown put on your tooth is a process by
which the decayed or compromised tooth is completely covered by a gold
or porcelain reproduction.

At the start of this procedure, your dentist will make a mold of the
current tooth that will serve two functions. First, the molds will be
used in office to make a temporary crown for you to wear in the interim,
and also for the dental lab to make your permanent crown. The dentist
will also remove all the decay and scale down the size and shape of the
tooth significantly. The reason for this is so that the new crown will
fit perfectly on top of the compromised tooth.

Tooth crowns are typically made from gold or porcelain. The choice is
often up to the patient. And, you should know that there are pros and
cons with both choices. Gold makes a great choice as it is extremely
durable, and the tooth needs much less scaling down with this material.
But, to be sure, most people will chose gold if cost is a concern as it
is less expensive to fabricate in the dental lab. Patients also tend to
chose gold when the crown will be in the back teeth as appearance is not
an issue. On the flip side, porcelain crowns are more suited for the
front teeth, or those that appear with the smile. Since, porcelain can
be shaded to match the current set of teeth, it makes an excellent
choice for concealing the problem. But, with this come a price,
porcelain crowns can be more expensive because they are much more time
consuming and laborious to fabricate.

You should know that tooth crowns are a dentist’s best choice when it
comes to saving a compromised tooth. And, it is worth knowing that
having a crown put on a cracked tooth is one of the oldest methods in
dentistry. Making it one of the most sound and trusted methods of saving
the integrity of the entire set of teeth. However, it is one of the
most costly of dental procedures. Having a dental crown can range in
price from $600 to $3,000. Most of the time insurance does not cover
much of the cost of this procedure.

Everyone will need some sort of dental work at some point in their
lives. It is one of those facts of life that is difficult to avoid. And,
as you get older, your teeth will begin to show more and more signs of
aging too. The actual structure of your teeth is weakened by tooth
decay, fillings, and chips or cracks. Often, little cracks caused by
decay will become a much larger problem, making tooth crowns much more

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