Tigers in Khao Sok Thailand


Their has been numerous accounts/claims of wild tigers being in the bushes and jungles in Thailand, the rain forest in Khao Sok’s national park has had a lot of people claiming to have seen this wild cat roaming the jungle freely. I have not seen any video or picture evidence of tigers in Khao Sok, but it must be true if so many people are claiming to of seen them.I went on a 2 week vacation in Khao Sok and camped under a tent in the jungle with a trusty tour guide because I really wanted to see a tigers in the wild. My tour guide said he has never seen one but his brother claims to have seen one on multiple occasions.Camping in a tent in the rainforest was one of the best experiences I have ever had, the amount of wildlife in there was quite amazing. We did a lot of kilometers of trekking trying to find or spot a tiger.I was also thinking, if there was tigers in Khao Sok why is there no photo’s? why no comments on review websites from visitors? Wouldn’t that be a the biggest highlight of the trip? I have not seen anyone who visited Khao Sok who have claimed to see a tiger, only locals. Perhaps there is only a couple left or recently been none left.Even if there were tigers in Khao Sok, wouldn’t it better to keep it a secret? Any there was one part of our journey through the rainforest that we saw these really big paw prints. I am no expert on tigers foot prints but they looked like they would belong to a tiger. The print was pretty fresh too, we follows the print for about 100 meters but it stopped. So were these prints from a real tiger? I wish I could of taken pictures but ofcourse he batteries in my camera were dead.So in my short journey to search for tigers in Khao Sok came to an end, I did not see a tiger, but did see prints which could of been from a tiger. So the mystery has not been solved yet, but if I was put on the spot and had to choose if they existed or not, I would have to lean towards no, due to not seeing any real evidence they are there but at the same time I am not 100% sure.

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