Things to Know Before Buying Quality Opal Necklace

We all love when our eyes catch a glimpse of quality gemstones. It is easy for people to spend money on buying an opal necklace or ring when they had not planned on it. However, we have so many dealers out there who might dupe the clients into buying a fake gemstone. This guide will help in identifying the best quality of opal necklace before spending your money.

What is the opal type?

Each gemstone will always have a type based on its value. Opal occurs in three different distinct types. We have the black, crystal and milk/white opal types. From these three different types, the jewelry’s value will vary based on the type of opal used. The black opal is considered rare and will have the largest value. We also have a variation of black with is gray, but it is less value compared to the black type. The crystal opal is known for causing amazing color reflections because of its crystal shape. The common type is the white opal, which is used in most opal necklaces out there. It compares relatively cheap to the other types.


The pattern of any opal necklace is what will prompt you into buying it. You can expect many people to have different pattern liking. Some will want something they have never seen before while some will need a popular pattern. The common types of opal patterns include the jigsaw, the peacock tail, the moss and Chinese writing. The pricing of the different patterns will depend on the patching of the patterns. For a big patch, expect it to cost more than the smaller patches. The peacock tail pattern is known for having quite a high value as compared to the other patterns.


It is common with gemstones that not all of them will be pure. It is important to know how to identify faults in different gemstones around. Faults in this case mean the different minerals that have been fused into the gemstone. The more the other minerals in the stone, the more likely the opal necklace will have a less value. The other minerals are likely to cause some cracking in the near future after continuous use.


The opal necklace is made of gemstones that are rare to find. It is common knowledge to know that such gemstones will have their values doubled whenever the size increases. If you choose a large size opal necklacePsychology Articles, then expect it to cost more.


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