The Science and Art of Yoga Chakras


Some people have heard of the term chakras as they are sometimes closely connected with the practice of Yoga, but have no definitive knowledge of them. The chakras are, simply described, centers of individual vital energy. In the Eastern medical practice, the system of chakras or essential energy centers was established and acknowledged for hundreds of years. Today the science of the chakras has gained a lot more respect in the Western tradition, and even more so among physicians. It ought to be stressed that in the East these centers or chakras were recognised long before the western scientists discovered “the relationship between matter (mass) and energy.”Chakras, as we already mentioned, are energy centers and serve as converters of energy. They connect our organisms with the widespread cosmic energy (this energy is given different names in different self development methods: Chi, Prana, Orgon and others). They draw energy in, divide it into segments and using the energy pathways (called ida and pingala), the chakras deliver this energy to the glands, nerves, blood cells and other bodily systems.There are numerous energy centers. Most often we speak of 7 main most significant chakras which are positioned in the middle of the human body. They are distributed coming from the bottom part up – from the tailbone to the head – so that each greater center provides another higher level of spiritual awareness and presence. These centers are associated with the major nerve centers from the spinal column and influence the well being of the material body and soul. Each of the seven chakras rules over some significant internal organs in the body, and it’s associated with the equivalent organs, glands and nerve entanglements.There are a few critical factors for improving the condition of your energy centers:Integrity is the important condition for healing and balancing of all the chakras in order for their chakra energy to be strong.It is important not to take anything in your body that is not natural. Artificial ingredients create an unnatural situation in your physical body and deliver uncertainty.Consider discarding drinking alcohol, drugs and industrial juicesConsider throw away sweets and whatever has sugar in it.Consuming meat is certainly not beneficial in connection with improving the condition of your chakras.What is natural regenerates and heals the natural way.Happiness is the natural state of a person and also the expression of a harmonious relationship and balance between the energy centers.These energy centers – chakras are actually conical whirls, which usually rotate at high speed and are considered responsible for metabolizing your energy. The 7 chakras are associated with the spectrum of colors. In addition they are associated with the frequency or strength of any type of energy or interaction.Each chakra has a unique front and back portion. The front part is associated with our individual feelings, whilst the back to the will.We are well balanced if our chakras are aligned and open to the flow of energy. The more energy flows through the energy centers, the healthier we will be.If the energy centers cannot transform energy, they are considered to be hindered. Whenever the circulation of energy is weakened, some body regions or tissues will not be provided with sufficient energy and illness may manifest.Therefore, if our chakras are damaged, slowly but surely there could be faults and disturbances in our body that we will recognize as diseases or different psychological issues. Whether or not we actually practice Yoga, it is crucial to make sure we properly treat our chakras and work with them on a daily basis to improve their abilities and features.

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