The Power Of Healing Prayer

The first step to being healed by prayer or offering prayers that will help to heal a loved one is to believe in your prayer. This article will outline the definition of healing prayer, whether or not you can be healed by prayer and how to pray for healing.

What is Healing Prayer?

Healing prayer is prayer that is offered up for the purpose of seeking healing of either a physical or emotional nature. It is believe that through prayer physical and emotional pain can be eliminated. Healing prayer may include prayer spoken aloud, prayer held within the heart or visits to religious shrines or other places of worship.

Healing prayer does not involve monetary donations. Although offering contributions to houses of worship is certainly worthwhile there is no amount of money that can guarantee a cure to a physical or emotional pain. Some unscrupulous individuals may offer stories of healing and divine intervention and offer you the opportunity for healing for a fee. These individuals should be avoided. True healing prayer is pure and heartfelt.

Can You Be Healed By Prayer?

Although scientific evidence may not be overly supportive of healing prayer, Christians know the answer to this question. They know that prayer does have the power to heal when the prayer is offered with sincerity, humility and compassion. The form of healing that you or the recipient of your prayer receives may come in a variety of different levels. The healing may be a full curing of the medical or physical ailment or it may come in the form of easing the pain and bringing peace to the patient before they pass.

Healing prayer should be used in conjunction with standard medical treatments for the physical ailment. Undergoing medical treatments is not a lack of faith but rather a determination to be healed. For example it may be God’s plan that you are to be healed through a new form of treatment that could help many others who do not share your faith and spirituality.

How Do You Pray for Healing?

There is no simple formula for healing prayer. Although some would like to believe that there are special prayers that guarantee healing but, unfortunately, this is not the case. The words of a healing prayer pale in comparison to the emotion and passion behind the words. The simplest prayer can often be the most powerful because it invokes the most heartfelt emotion of the individual offering the prayer. Whether you are praying for your own healing, for the healing of a loved one or the healing of a stranger it is important that as you pray, you know in your heart that God has the power to heal and He will answer your prayer according to His plan. It has been said many times that no prayer goes unanswered but the answer to these prayers isn’t alwaysBusiness Management Articles, “Yes.”

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