The most common types and forms of Psychic Readings: Part 1

One of the best ways of gaining insight into the inner thoughts and the fiery questions of life is through Psychic readings. This ability is said to be a unique power of extra sensory perception that is seen in specific humans around the world.

Psychic readings can help people understand and feel the deepest thoughts and divine your fate, fortune and future. Whether it’s career or your life’s path, love and romance, a proper reading can help you answer all the related questions. There are loads of different kinds of psychic readings and different readers for each type.

Herein below, we would learn about some of the different types of psychic readings practiced around the world.

Aura: The energetic fields or aura of human body holds clues about the emotions, thoughts and memories. The readers determine the meaning and colors of a person’s aura layer, which is a subtle, luminous radiation or energy field surrounding them. It helps remove energetic blocks and attain greater spiritual growth.

Astrology: The astrology reading may go much beyond your sun sign. Here the predictions are made with reference to the planetary positions, comparing them to your Birthdate and time. You can also get insights from these predictions about the favorable times to pursue specific actions like getting married or changing careers.

Numerology: It is a type of reading that works on the basis of numbers. Numerology works with the numeric values of an individual’s date of birth or the letters of the name. They can provide information about your personality, path and life events. Here the numbers also shift, revealing future insight into a person’s life.

Clairvoyant: Clairvoyant readings involve a clear psychic vision of images related to different questions of life. The clairvoyant readers tap into the energy system of an individual to see the past, present and future. Often during a reading, the psychic may define things in symbols and gestures in order to explain the things he or she sees for your path.

Cartomancy: The experts in Cartomancy use cards to provide the answers to the questions. There are several types of oracle cards that are used by the psychics like angel cards, power animal cards, earth magic cards and many others. This reading can tell fortune and reflect various features of an individual’s life.

Palmistry: Generally it is said that the fate and fortune of the individual is in his or her own hand. Palmistry is a well-known form of reading done to foretell the future by the study of lines and wrinkles of the palm. An expert psychic reader specialized in palmistry can easily tell you about your life, health, lovePsychology Articles, career and more.

Runes: Runes are ancient Nordic alphabets where each letter is engraved on a stone or tile. They are used for divining the future. A psychic reader spreads them out in a pattern to gain insight into the issues and problems of a person’s life.

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