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A Leo soul is a true showman, celestial royalty, the undeniable star of the Zodiac.  He can be a delightful mix of youthful exuberance, playfulness, enthusiasm and joy … like a real-life Peter Pan, the kid who refuses to grow up. He can be an inspiring leader … able to rally followers and inspire confidence with his own dramatic displays of courage and personal charisma. He can be the elegant, creative artist and performer who knows how to charm his audience and hold the spotlight of attention like a well-polished jewel in the palm of his hand.He can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time … and, in fact, is famous for wielding that talent. Indeed, on occasion, there is nothing so rousing as a true Leo on full display — even with all the pomp and ceremony aside, which it rarely is, if he gets his way.  But he can also be insufferable, arrogant, temperamental, over-bearing, self-involved, pretentious … and patently ridiculous, when finally his own pride topples him and his fondness for the sensational, attention grabbing gestures sends him way over the top.That happens. In fact, that happens a lot. Leos are natural gamblers. They love to take a chance, to roll the dice, to set up that risky situation where they could win really, really big — and then put themselves, their abilities, their nicely-polished and fluffed-up egos, and their sincere belief that they deserve the Grand Prize on the line … and see what comes of it. They are, after all, a Fire Sign who believes “No guts, no glory.” And Leo craves huge helpings of public glory.Do they win with this strategy a lot? You bet. Luck is very often on their side. And sometimes the true key to winning is the willingness to try. The breath-taking example Leos set for the more timid signs can be inspiring for everyone who sees it in action … even if some of the other executive signs (like Capricorn) see Leonine bravado as unnecessarily full of flash and dazzle at the risk of solid success.They have a point. If winning is the goal, sometimes Leo puts himself way too far out on a limb to even lay claim to common sense. It’s when you understand that, for Leo, winning is only a component in the prize he wants — Winning Big … is the real plum — it all makes sense. He’s willing to take spectacular chances because he needs the notice … the gasps of anxiety from the audience with all eyes fixed on him as he does his high-wire acts.  He needs to succeed in a most public arena — with stakes worth the alarm and tension, and then some. You don’t do this by being a wimp and playing it safe. You do it in that exhilarating way — with flair and style — that Leos naturally carry out so well.When you win, of course, it’s marvelous. There are flashbulbs popping and champagne all around. And Leos can give the most wonderful off-the-cuff acceptance speeches — acknowledging how, in all modesty, they deserve every smidgen bit of this award and celebrity.  But obviously, big risks are big risks because of the potential down-side. That can be significant. And when Leo catches his toe in a crack right at the moment of making his great leap for the big brass ring, and does a pratfall instead, his ego is often not equipped to handle well the bruises and scrapes he gets for his trouble.Leo wants to be a hero, and he is not an especially gracious loser. He’d often like to be magnanimous to the other winner — if only for the sake of whatever image he can salvage from a bad situation — but lacking a lot of subtlety in his very public character, the disappointment usually shows. Part of his downfall, too — and it usually takes Leo a long time to snap to this — is that so much of his drama is self-aggrandizing rather than altruistic.When he belly-flops, it’s his excessive pride that’s showing — not his impossibly high ideals. Sadly, this can rob him of even the chance to claim status as the Tragic Hero — the one who made a noble attempt for a noble cause and failed. But a Leo who can weave a fair amount of benevolent intention for others also into his ambitions — that Lion becomes a showman Lady Luck, the members of his spellbound audience, and even The Divine Source Itself … can root for and boost onward to success.That’s a lesson Leos would do well to learn as early as possible in life. They’ve got a step-up then on their ambitions for leadership positions. That, too, is a status Leo craves — the ability to make a difference in life and be appreciated for it. Still, Leo is a sign born to give orders — not take them. Any of them will tell you so.  Leos are born to be out in front of Life’s Big Parade … the fringe on their epaulets dancing, their medals and other evidence of past victories on display, the sunlight streaming down like a blessing — and a flourish of horns to announce their arrival. When they’ve got their act together, they do extremely well in this high-visibility position. It is, indeed, a show to behold. (c) 2007 Rebecca Brents,  All rights reserved.

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