The Healing properties of Desert Jasper

The Healing properties of Desert Jasper

In this video, you will learn the Healing Properties of Desert Jasper | A Grounding Stone that creates Stability

About Stone Eagle Massage Stones

Stone Eagle began with a conversation between friends that led to a partnership built on trust and mutual respect for the vibrational energy and healing properties of natural materials. The name Stone Eagle was chosen for the eagle’s representation of the message of the spirit – its personification of man’s connection to the divine, freedom, courage, and truth.
Combining stones and training, Sandra took over the business in 2013 and today offers bespoke stone therapy development, training clinics, and onsite training around Australia with the support of her team.

The range of stones on offer has also grown, reflecting an evolving global awareness of the healing properties of materials sourced from the earth.

Stone Eagle is the only provider to offer accredited training in Facial stone application and Indian Head Stone massage, and in using stones for the unique course in Chakra Body Balancing.


About Sandra Jones-Rider

Over 23 years in the Beauty and Spa Industry. Training for over 13 years in Stone Massage modalities. Sharing her knowledge with you. Already recognised as Australia’s leading trainer in stone massage therapies, Sandra Jones-Rider was seeking a better alternative to basalt stones. Basalt stones are mass-produced in China, don’t hold heat well, and are often a source of cross-contamination between clients, with the porous nature of the rock making cleaning both difficult and time-consuming.
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  1. Snow White on September 5, 2023 at 4:22 pm

    One found in australia is mookaite. One you holding is from madagascar.