The Healing Powers of Pilates for Back Pain


If you are a sufferer of back pain, then you are probably no stranger to
prescription medications, doctor’s visits, and bills, bills, bills. What if
there was a way to eliminate the need for every single bit of that? With the
economy being the way that it is, we cannot afford another thing. Period. We
shouldn’t have to let the stress of our back pain actually add to our already
existing pain.
When stress mounts up, one of the first places that we feel it is around in
our back area. Why is this, you ask? It is because our bodies become tense and
they do not have a release. The muscles consistently tighten causing ligament
tears and misalignment. Your back can throw your whole body out of balance. That
is why it is important that you do all that is necessary to take care of it.
Pilates and stretching can help to get rid of your back pain, and improve it’s
existing condition.
Pilates and stretching techniques help to release tense muscles and prevent
future injury and stress by strengthening the back. The stretches help to
lengthen the spine as well. You can minimize your need for back surgeries and
expensive chiropractic visits when you use Pilates and stretching as a means of
pain relief. When you stretch, you improve your range of motion while giving
your back more flexibility. You can help to put your body back into it’s natural
alignment and maintain it when you use stretching to relieve your back pain.
This should be done at least three times per week for maximum benefit.
You can find various types of stretching techniques for your back online,
in Pilates DVDs, and in books at the library. Do not be afraid to perform these
movements. They are not meant to hurt you. If you experience more pain when
performing your exercises, then you are doing something wrong. Take your time
and remember to try to complete the full movement. The most important thing to
remember is that you need to be in the correct form before performing a stretch
or exercise.
Relax and practice some deep breathing before you begin your regimen. Make
sure that your mind and body are both equally into what you are doing in order
to prevent further injury. Pilates exercises strengthen your body from the
inside out. When you combine Pilates and stretching, you are giving your body
the maximum benefit. By increasing your blood flow, you will be helping your
body to deliver the nutrients that it needs to your back so that it can reach
it’s top healing potential.
Our bodies are natural healers on their own, there are just some parts that
need a little extra help. Our back is a perfect example of that truth. There is
no limit to the amount of stress and strain that we can put our back through.
Knowing that we do not have to suffer is a stress reliever within itself. Not
everyone knows that Pilates and stretching can help to alleviate their back
pain. Start by practicing today, you will be a great example of how it really
does help. 

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The author, Steven Giles is a 55 year old former accountant who has been
suffering from back pain for several years and has found that Pilates provides
relief from this. He lives in Greater Manchester in the North-West of

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