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Historically, long before aventurine received its name, it was used as a lucky talisman. And today, it is still said to be one of the luckiest crystals, offering good fortune in various domains of life – from relationships to one’s career to financials. Many people turn to this crystal for vibrational support at times in life when it wouldn’t hurt to have a bit of luck on one’s side.

In addition, this crystal provides a sense of optimism, confidence, motivation, and resilience as we face life’s challenges. If we work with this crystal for some time, we might begin to notice joy, hope, and ease beginning to shine through during more of our life experiences.

Part of these lighter emotions may be attributed to this crystal’s connection to the heart. A healer and nurturer, green aventurine helps to dissolve negative emotions and soothe whatever issues we might be holding onto within our heart centre. If there are no particularly strong emotions that need resolution in the heart, this crystal can also work as a protector, shielding us from detrimental forces that might otherwise throw us out of balance. In this way, it is an incredible balancer and an inner strengthener – whether heart-heavy issues are present or not.

On a physical level, this crystal is said to support circulation, lower blood pressure, and soothe the nerves. And as it heals the emotional body, you might discover that a variety of other physical symptoms begin to shift as well – because after all, many of our physical and emotional concerns are highly interwoven.

You can use this stone anytime you face a challenging situation that calls for universal support or luck, or when you are working through some type of difficult emotion, such as anger. Many people also use it to help them manifest whatever their heart desires as this stone is not only a luck magnet but also helps to increase confidence and resilience. These qualities are essential when we are working towards our heart’s deepest longings.

To charge your green aventurine, you might bathe it in the glow of the full moon, or you can cleanse it by smudging it or bathing it in water. Especially if you are using this crystal to work through issues of the heart, it is important to cleanse this crystal frequently.


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