The Healing Power of Far Infrared Heat

Ice and heat are both well known for their ability to treat pain by breaking the pain-spasm cycle. So are many rub on treatments which provide a cooling or warming sensation.

The problem with most heating remedies is they only provide superficial relief. The heat only penetrates a few millimeters at best meaning it doesn’t provide full benefit to deeper muscle aches and pains.

One increasingly popular option in recent years is the use of far infrared heating pads. Originally found primarily in alternative healthcare practitioner offices, the technology has now matured. Individuals can now purchase affordable far infrared heating pads for home use.

What is far infrared heat?

Think of walking outside on a sunny day. The air temperature is constant, but you immediately feel cooler when you walk into the shade. This is because the sun’s infrared rays directly penetrates and heats your body.

Don’t confuse far infrared heat (FIR) with the skin damaging ultraviolet light also provided by the sun. FIR is completely safe. Many hospitals now use infrared heating systems to keep babies warm in their neonatal units.

What does far infrared heat do?

Exposure to FIR allows heat to penetrate as far as 3 inches deep. This deep penetrating heat gently causes an artificial “fever” without the unpleasant side effect of actually being sick. As a result, blood circulation is improved to the treated area bringing more healing oxygen to joints and extremities and speeding healing of injuries. FIR stimulates the blood vessels to expand which allows the improved blood circulation without increasing blood pressure.

Another impact of far infrared heat is the breakdown of toxin filled large water molecules. The increased circulation and warmth then causes the body to rid itself of toxins and wastes through perspiration.

Here are some other known benefits of far infrared heat:

* Improves circulation
* Relieves muscle cramps
* Helps induce restful sleep
* Helps improve vision
* Helps clear up skin problems and ulcers
* Relieves symptoms of sciatica and back pain
* Reduces high blood pressure
* Improves oxygen supply to the brain
* Helps fight cancer cells and help generate healthy cells
* Helps remove mucous, congestion, fermentationFree Reprint Articles, and inflammation in the digestive tract
* Helps eliminate fluid buildup in extremities
* Helps stimulate body’s energy system

Clearly far infrared heat has the ability to significantly improve almost anyone’s health and it’s something worth exploring.

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