The Beauty of Topaz Lake, Reno Nv


The Topaz Lake located on the border of California and Nevada to the south of Reno, NV is an artificial reservoir. This lake spans approximately 75 miles and was formed by the diversion of the West Walker River waters into a basin with a small natural lake located in the close proximityThe construction of this lake initially began in the year 1922 which eventually resulted in the making of a reservoir over 45,000 acre feet of land and a capacity of 56,000,000 liters. Later, in the year 1937, this was raised to 126,000 acre feet of land bringing up the capacity of the lake to the current 155,000,000 liters. The maximum depth of this lake happens to be around 92 feet.Topaz Lake, Reno NV, is highly popular for activities like boating, water-skiing, fishing as well as camping. The season for fishing in this lake begins from the 1st of January and is on till the 30th of September, during which fishing enthusiasts can try their luck at catching some of the trout fish which have been stocked in the lake by the Nevada Department of Wildlife as well as the California Department of Fish and Game. There are many events and competitions that are held during this fishing season which all tourists and locals can take advantage of. The pleasure of fishing for trout fish combined with the awards one can look forward to make way for an exciting time away from one’s usual schedule. The calm waters and the scenic beauty of the lake makes it a popular site for vacations and weekend getaways.Although Topaz Lake, Reno NV, does not have much of a beach, one can still have the pleasure of walking on the sand. You avail of lodging and boarding around the lake at affordable rates and you are guaranteed to enjoy your stay here, thanks to the calm atmosphere and  the picturesque view of the lake. For those who like to have some fun and adventure while on vacation, Topaz Lake, Reno NV, also offers water-skiing while those individuals who prefer to have some quiet time can simply go boating on the lake. Apart from these, one can also look on the internet for any other such activities that can be enjoyed in and around Topaz Lake, Reno NV. One will also find some of the best available deals on the various hotels and lodges in the locality.

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