Sugilite | Healing Properties and Uses | All about HerkimerDiamond #crystals #crystalhealing

Sugilite | Healing Properties and Uses | All about HerkimerDiamond #crystals #crystalhealing

Cyclosilicate crystals like sugilite typically have hues from violet to magenta. It is a silicate mineral made of potassium, sodium, lithium, iron, and manganese. It is an uncommon gem with prismatic crystals that is rarely discovered. It obtains its coloration from trace levels of manganese, which is present in it. Spiritual love and growth are the meaning of sugilite. Prepare to connect as Sugilite opens your heart and crown with its powerful, benevolent energy. As one of the group’s nurturing stones, this one is excellent for persons with sensitive souls who are prone to soaking up the energy of those around them. Sugilite will assist you by offering a shield of light for protection if you discover that other people’s feelings, judgments, and readings stick to you like glue. This will allow you to live in grace and sincerity while remaining true to your one wild heart. Sugilite is a purple power gem, thus it has characteristics in common with other purple stones. Purple gemstones are all about alchemy and chakra purification, from the third eye to the crown.

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