Strength Training is For Everybody


Of all the choices we can make to stay healthy and well, the decision to include regular strength training in your exercise regime may be the most important.Here are some very important reasons why you should get started on your strength training program today:Increase Physical Capacity – Makes everything in your life easier. Nothing can help you lift the groceries, play with the grandchildren, and generally do all the things in life that you want to do like strength training. Without a well functioning mind and body our quality of life is greatly reduced.Essential to Manage Body Weight – The only way you are ever going to lose excess body fat is if your muscles burn it as fuel. This can only happen if you raise your metabolic rate (the rate your body burns fuel). If you increase muscle tissue by only a kilo it will burn around 100 extra calories 24/7. You will only gain this extra fat burning muscle tissue with strength training, no other exercise or activity can do this.Look and Feel Better – Because muscle tissue takes up less space than the same weight of body fat, strong active people look slimmer than their sedentary counterparts who weigh the same. As your muscles strengthen they are toned and uplifted giving your body shape, proportion and definition. Even if you don’t lose weight on the bathroom scales, your body proportions will change and you will be trimmer. You will soon wear a smaller dress size or your pants will be looser and you will have to tighten your belt.Build and Maintain Healthy Muscles, Bones and Joints – As your muscles strengthen, tendons, ligaments and other connective tissue also strengthens. Strong muscles also surround and protect joints. Bones are strengthened and bone density increased because muscles are attached to them, as muscles grow stronger through strength training the tension exerted on the bones increases making them stronger as well. One major benefit of this process is reduced risk of injury while performing everyday activities or while participating in sports.Strengthen the Immune System – Not many people are aware that muscle tissue serves as the body’s armor and defense against illness and disease. When the whole body’s muscular system is strengthened the immune system is also strengthened. This disease proofs the body against life threatening diseases and illnesses that could shorten your life.Medicine for the Mind – A sound strength training program not only strengthens the body but also strengthens the mind through increased “feel good” chemical production. This prepares and helps us to accept and overcome life’s challenges. Blood flow to the brain is increased improving “mental fitness” which in turn leads to better memory, improved intellectual capacity and productivity. Just as you get more energy exercising, you also get happier, have a better outlook on life and enjoy life more. Stress is reduced and depression and anxiety are lifted. Strong, toned muscles improve self esteem and makes people ooze self confidence. .The small amount of time each week that you spend on your strength training program to ensure that you experience a higher level of health and fitness will benefit you every hour of your day and night, awake and asleep in the years to come. Can you think of any other investment that would return so much from so little! There is no better win-win deal for you!

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