The sun is a shining ball of hydrogen and helium or a god which was worshipped by Vedic Rishis of yore. It is the idol of imbibers of deep wisdom even today and it is it self the omnipresent Almighty Lord. This indeed is a strange puzzle in the sense that how can that which is one become three? However tough the question may be the answer is very simple.

Like all principles of the universe the sun is also 3-levelled and 3-fold in nature. The 3 levels are material, subtle and divine. Subtle power is a subtle mystery. The root particles and material radioactive energy is its material form and aspect. It’s conscious all pervasive aspect is its divine nature. Just like the sun the same holds true for fire and wind. While understanding this great Indian philosophers have described and demarcated it in 3 levels.

In order to understand these 3 forms the apparatus, medium and procedures are different. It is not possible to evaluate these 3levels simply through Material Science. Today’s science is researching only in the area of the gross material world. To understand subtle mysteries the means must be subtle and divine. The scientific apparatus designed from material objects maybe quite subtle and yet they will be able to delve into the mysteries of mere material objects. The Science of Demigod Worship described in Indian scriptires is a science meant for searching mysteries of God via which we can contact demigod powers/energies like wind, fire, Indra, sun, Ganesha, Sarawati, Soma, Usha, Dhanwantri, Brihaspati etc. Apart from this via their special energies/powers one too can become very powerful. In the flow of time maybe these mysteries have been veiled and yet they are certainly not extinct. All demigods are but various Divine Powers of Almighty God. There once existed a science via which by taking shelter at the feet of realized saints one could attain Almighty God but today all this is mere imagination for everyone.

In the Kathopanishad (1/1/13) Nachiketa asks Yama the following question:

O Yamaraja! You are well aware of the instrumental fire of heaven. With great I humbly ask you to describe that fire through which heavenly beings attain immortality.

Acharya Yama answered:

O Nachiketa! I certainly will describe that fire to you. This fire bestows one with heaven. It gives him infinite worlds. It has its basis in the cave/deep recesses of the intellect. Do understand it fully……….Kathopanishad (1/1/14).

In this Mantra definitely there is an endeavor to stabilize the atomic or subtle form of fire. Scriptural scholars of Maitreyani Upanishad say by clarifying further that fire is situated in the cave of ones heart. That which is situated in the heaven of liberation is fire in the form of Kalagni which at the time of annihilation of the universe devours all beings. It means that all beings merge into it.

In the above verses there is a philosophical analysis of fire. There is one material fire that burns up material objects and can be visualized or experienced as heat and flame.

In its subtle divine form fire is god whose subtle energy pervades in all directions. It means that fire is an omnipresent principle which is perceived but is invisible in its subtle aspect. It is verily the invisible state that helps us experience divine power. It is due to its grace that the radiance of the body, mind and speech evolve. As Kalagni (Fire of Time) it is none other than Almighty Lord himself.

In one Mantra of Rig Veda (7/87/2) the Mantra seer while eulogizing Wind God says:

All rivers flow at the command of Varuna (Wind God). The sky is god, all other demigods are its followers. His is the ultimate command. This god is the protector of one institution called Rita. Before creation of this world there was Rita. The knower of its mystery is called Ritachari.

Varuna (Wind God) word comes from the root word Var which means to cover. By getting transformed in all worlds, one principle depending on its state controls all seasons. If seasons did not exist the world would become a void. This fact is very much similar to the Universal Principle of Plato. Scientists are researching into the field of the Science of Seasons in great depth. In this research arena scientists have succeeded in finding out the method of inducing rain in any region. This is merely one aspect of Wind God science. If it is possible to find out that there is an invisible power that controls all seasons which was called Wind God (Varuna) by Rishis of yore then by creating a deep bond with it anyone can become a Ritachari or a scholar and thus also become a controller of the Science of Seasons.

With reference to Soma, Usha and Aditi a detailed description is given in scriptures. But what is extremely painful is that today’s educated class looks upon these demigods along with their energies and various forms as mere figment of ones wild imagination. Western thinkers like Fleedrut and Bloomfield have mocked Indian Philosophy with reference to demigods and today people mainly influenced by western thinking also follow suit. Despite this it feels good to know that today’s science by understanding the material form of divine powers are attacking false concepts.

Demigods definitely are not someone’s wild imagination but truly are symbols of special qualities and energies and these powers are active in the subtle world not visible to our gross sight. Science may not have solved its divine mystery but have definitely succeeded in contacting its material form through advanced scientific technology. For example Ganesha is a god with an extraordinary intellect along with the great ability to write prolifically. A mythological story says that on hearing the 18 Puranas uttered by Veda Vyasji it was Ganeshji who was able to complete this onerous task of putting them into words. A layman may doubt this extraordinary memory prowess but certainly not a deep thinking scientist. In this age of advanced computer technology such computers have been designed as a result of which work of banks, industries etc have become umpteen times speedier while also giving good results. Many cupboards are required to store let us say 2000 files of 200 pages each. But in a computer this entire data takes up hardly any space. Whenever the need arises any page can be opened and thus we can access their data.

By the time a human hand finishes writing a single digit number a computer one can add, deduct and multiply numbers with 16 digits. Humans can memorize at the most 5000 words. And yet man’s potential has a memory power that can memorize more than 60,000 words. With great effort man can learn and memorize 4 to 6 languages. For a computer it is easy to memorize more than 15 languages. Further it can translate one speech at one time into 15 languages.

This then is a minor miracle of memory power. Scientists established a technical contact with the material atoms of Ganesha Power and thus executed their task. The divine aspect of Ganesha power is much more and beyond its material form and thus is infinitely more powerful. Through disciplined worship a person can bring about a miraculous change in his intellectual potential.

The energies of sun are even more potent than all demigod based forces put together. It is said that it is the controller of the Wheel of Time. In the Rig Veda 91/164/2) it is described that in a chariot of the sun which has one wheel 7 horses are attached to it. In actuality horses are not 7 in number but that 1 horse had 7 names or that a horse which bowed down in 7 places was pulling the chariot. The chariot wheel has 7 navels. The wheel is not loose but is very tight and it never disintegrates. Based on it all the worlds too are balanced and steady. This then is the word to word meaning of the Mantra.

If we delve deeper into the science of the above description it says that the cosmos covered by solar rays of the solar universe is the sun’s chariot. Each year corresponds to the wheel of the chariot. In reality time as years is moving the entire universe. It is because of time that the earth rotates. The wheel of years has 3 navels. It means that in 1 year there are 3 main seasons viz. summer, rain and winter.

The solar system is not attached to anything and hence it is Anarvam or ageless. It means it does not decay and that the entire world is dependent on it. According to this description everyone is bound to the magnetic force of the solar system and the sun is independent. It is not bound to any such magnetic force. Doubtlessly all are attached to time. Time is independent. Hence time never decays or ages.

Scientists by contacting the material aspect of sun god have obtained light, energy and to a lesser extent knowledge of time. Its subtle aspect is even stronger and full of deep import. By worshipping it one can attain Sidhis (Divine Powers) in the form of purity, dexterityArticle Submission, radiance and brilliance in ones inner personality. Mysteries of the cosmos hence can be delved deep into. Mysteries of various worlds too can be unveiled.

In this universe subtle divine powers are found widespread in infinite forms. Scientists have utilized aptly its material aspect and have displayed many feats. But the fact yet remains that its divine potential is infinite times more miraculous than its material form. The principles of Divine Powers are not different from the principles of science. If subtle science can be advanced further there will be an infinite addition to the power and might of human beings albeit in a wholesome way.

These divine powers are present in interstellar space since time immemorial and its subtle representation is found in the human body.  Indian Philosophers have been trying to contact these Divine powers at a spiritual level. In reality worship and austerities are representatives of a high stature science. This requires not machines but inner personalities that are sanctified via holiness and sacredness. Sun is the lord of all gods. A meditative contact with it will render the human personality a leader of infinite supernatural powers.

Most definitely Aditya or sun is an external vital force. It rises so as to bless the Pranas situated in our eyes. The demigod dwelling on earth attracts the Apana wind (flatus) of the Purusha. The space present between these two is Samana and wind is Vyana. The famous Aditya form and its brilliance is Udana. Hence whoever’s brilliance (bodily heat) becomes latent it along with the senses merged into the mind attains death so as to take rebirth.

…………………………………PRASHNOPANISHAD (3/8/9)

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