Solar Plexus Chakra+Rain Music || Extended Version || EFR

Here are the signs of Solar Plexus blockage:
Physical: Poor digestion, low blood sugar
Emotional: Low self-esteem, Lack of willpower

The solar plexus is very important to work on, as it will give you confidence, self-worth, and power. I know many of us have very little time to work on our chakras, so this meditation music is very short. Since it’s so short, put all of your intention and power into healing and empowering your solar plexus. Focus on being confident, powerful, and respectful of yourself. Practice this everyday, and you’ll see a difference in the way you carry yourself and how you interact with people, and the world. Remember, our energies are always interacting with other energies, so make sure you are exuding the powerful and confident energy to get what you want in life. (Music created by me)
Much love – EFR

Extended version from original, enjoy!

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