Should You Do Detox?


The main role of the large intestine is the absorption of water and the removal of waste products and toxins. The two-way membrane of the colon allows for the absorption of nutrients into the blood.  The majority of all vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat are absorbed through the walls of the colon. Over the years, the walls of the intestines become lined with un-eliminated waste, making its function inefficient. Auto-intoxication occurs when poisons and toxins are absorbed into the bloodstream via the colon. This is due to the dirty buildup of old waste matter that is not properly eliminated. The average person may have up to 10 pounds or more of old un-eliminated waste sitting dormant in the large intestine. Others can have as much as 10 to 30 extra pounds of unnecessary weight that can be eliminated doing high colonic irrigation.Common disorders of the intestines are: congenital defects, infection and inflammation, tumors, impaired blood supply, obstruction, peptic ulcers, appendicitis, diverticulitis, overweight, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, worms, bowel, or colon cancer, and other types of cancer. Medical science acknowledges that up to 85 percent or more of all adults suffer from some type of intestinal problem. Children are also affected by these same problems because of their diets.If you experience any of the following symptoms (allergies, appetite loss, asthma, backache, bad breath, bad odor, concentration loss, depression, eczema, fatigue, food craving, gingivitis, headaches, hemorrhoids, indigestion, insomnia, irritability, memory loss, menstrual problems, nausea, nervousness, prostate problems, stomach pains, swelling, tension and weight problems), please contact our office today for a free consultation.  Remember that a healthy inside will show on the outside! When the environment of your colon becomes out-of-balance, colon cancer and other disease is the end result. When the toxins are absorbed through the blood capillaries lining the large intestine, the blood will putrefy and further acidification of the blood takes place. After time, the dirty blood can pollute every human cell. The cycle of life reverts to the cycle of death. Life begins and ends in the intestines. To fully detoxify, consider a high colonic irrigation or colon cleansing.In most cities you can find detox clinics that offer the most advanced in colon cleansing. Usually, a certified colon therapist will meet with you one-on-one, to do an evaluation of your detox goals can be done and your health can be improved where it is most needed, giving you a more active lifestyle and optimizing your potential. So don’t hesitate to research this further and contact a local doctor. Also, you can learn some more about detoxing on our Chicago chiropractic clinic website.

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