Selenite Crystal | Benefits, uses, and meanings | Positive Energy, Purification, Cleaning

Selenite Crystal | Benefits, uses, and meanings | Positive Energy, Purification, Cleaning

The meaning of selenite is all about purification, cleaning, and positive energy. I like to imagine white sunlight engulfing anything where the selenite touches, cleaning it. This crystal is connected to our crown chakra, associated with higher consciousness. It’s a very high vibrational stone and when used correctly it can really raise your vibration.

You might need selenite If you feel heavy or weighted down. This is a sign that your energy may be stagnant and you need to have a clean slate. Selenite is associated with our crown chakra, which will help you feel more connected with the higher states of consciousness.

I believe selenite is one the most important crystals anyone should have especially a beginner. Because it is so multipurpose. I like to refer to split as a crystal chandelier or something like that. Because it flashes so elegantly in the light. It has extreme fluidity to its entry and can help to clear energy blockages.

It also has this same effect on crystals near or directly on it, and its environment. selenite. It’s like an all-purpose cleaner. It fits pretty much whatever you need. Use it to purify, cleanse, clear.

Selenite is self-cleaning, charging. meaning that it repels negative engird and It stays pure and clean. Unlike some crystals that have to be cleaned regularly, because they hold the vibration that they attract. Selenite doesn’t. Selenite can be used to cleanse and charge your other crystal stop ad to their power.

You pick up lots of energy throughout the day and selenite can help with that. Selenite can also be a very beneficial tool for meditation, especially those focused on the upper or crown chakras. Selenite can also be used as an energy grid, by placing it in the corner of a room, or even try this while you meditate for a more powerful connection.

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