Sapphire Engagement Rings: The Colour Changing Sapphire

Have you ever had the privilege of looking at colour change sapphire engagement rings in person? The brilliance of the stone is truly astounding. It’s a shame that the stone is so extremely rare, to the point that many people aren’t aware of its existence. Usually the beautiful stone is only associated with the colour blue, but there are many different colour versions that are a popular choice for jewellery.


Considering the rarity of colour change sapphire engagement rings, the stones are mined in a surprising number of places around the world. The most valuable varieties are found in India (the Kashmir region specifically), Sri Lanka, Burma and the Pailin region of Cambodia. However, the colour changing gem can also be found in Thailand, Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Madagascar, Australia, China and even the USA.


The colour of the stone is completely dependent on the light to which it is exposed. The most typical transition of colour is from blue to purple, which most often occurs under natural daylight. The gems which change colour more dramatically are much rarer and sought after by collectors and sapphire engagement ring designers alike.

It is important to note that when it comes to valuing this stone, the gems which change colour dramatically are worth the most. Many people assume that value is based upon the attractiveness of the colouring, when, in fact, the purity of the colours that the stone can change to determine its value. For example, a turquoise gem which changes to burgundy under certain light would be worth very high amounts. If the colours are pure with no trace of the earlier shade, the stones will be valued extremely highly.


In terms of healing powers and mythology, sapphire engagement rings have been one of the most highly celebrated for generations. In ancient times, the stone was regarded as a symbol of truth and faithfulness, something which many people still believe today. This makes the stone an ideal choice for a ring as it sums up the commitment and sincerity that underpins the very essence of a wedding ceremony.

The colour change gem is believed to appeal to the many chakras (non-physical energy centres) in our bodies as the differing colours benefit our numerous energy levels. Due to the rarity and extreme conditions required to produce this stone, it is known as a ‘phenomenon’ stoneBusiness Management Articles, which is said to make its healing properties even stronger.

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