Sadhguru – Third Eye – seeing things the way they are.

Sadhguru – Third Eye – seeing things the way they are.

-There are 114 important junction points in the body.
-Generally these are referred to as Chakras
-Normally everybody are talking about the seven chakras .
-They are located in certain parts of your body.
-These are ‘Muladhara, Swadhishthana, Manipuraka, Anahatha, Vishuddhi, Ajna, Sahasrar.’
1)’Muladhara’ means ‘The foundation.’
This is a center which is physiologically located between your anal outlet and your genital organ, it’s called the perineum.
-If your energies are dominant in your muladhara, food and sleep will be the two major qualities of your life.
2)-‘Swadhishthana,’ is located just above your genital organ.
-If your energies are dominant in your ‘Swadhishthana ‘ you will be a pleasure seeker.
3)-If your energies move into ‘Manipuraka’ or if they’re more dominant in Manipuraka you are a doer in the world, you want to do’re a doer.
4)-If energies move into ‘Anahatha,’ this is the creative center, you become a creative person.
5)-All your survival instincts are in the lower three chakras. Self preservation is in ‘Manipuraka, Swadhishthana and Muladhara.’
-The longing to break away from all this and go away beyond is in ‘Vishuddhi, Ajna and Sahasrar.’
-if energies move into ‘Vishuddhi’ it’s a power center, you can become enormously powerful
6)-If your energies move into’Ajna,’ you are intellectually realized, you see things clearly, you see everything the way it is.
-Once you begin to see everything the way it is, you are at peace.
So, Ajna is called as the Third Eye because you see things the way they are.
-these two eyes are very deceptive, they make you see things the way it is necessary for your survival
they don’t allow you to see everything the way it is.
-Once your energies touch ajna, now you’re seeing things the way they are, everything the way it is
Now that is why it is referred to as a Third Eye.
7)-‘Sahasrar’ is the seventh chakra; that is not in the body, just outside the body.
-For most people it is dormant, it is not active.
-If some sadhana comes into your life, if you activate it in a certain way or because of a very intense way of living it can become active.
if energies move into your sahasrar you will become unexplainably, unreasonably ecstatic.
-In your head and your heart you have longings to go beyond but in your body you have longings to preserve.
-The word ‘Chakra’ literally means a ‘Wheel’, but these are not in the form of circles or wheels, they always meet in the form of a triangle.
-As the intensity increases your ability to experience different dimensions of life moves from one area of life to another.
-From Muladhara to Ajna there are many pathways as to how to get there.
-Sadhguru about Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Kali story

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