Sadhguru Explains The Chakras and How To Open Third Eye (Must Listen)

Sadhguru Explains The Chakras and How To Open Third Eye (Must Listen)

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► There are two ways of opening the third eye. One way is, the inside has become a total vacuum so the doorway gets sucked in and has to naturally open. The doorway becomes limp and falls inward because there is nothing. Shiva has burnt not only his thought, his emotion, his relationships and possessions – he has burnt his very being. There is a total vacuum. So the door fell inward and opened….

► Audio Guided Meditation is an age-old practice that has been used to quiet the mind and attain a higher spiritual experience. In the recent past, new findings show that meditation is beneficial to the elderly in a number of great ways. More and more doctors now believe that meditation is one of the best tools for mental, emotional and physical health of a human being.

🎧 Listening Our eye-opening speeches everyday will motivate you and inspire you to be the best version of yourself and go beyond what you have thought your limitations our.
► For Maximum Effects, make sure to listen this everyday for 21 days (because habits are formed in 21 days) and if even after 21st day you are not more focused, not more healed or not more calm in anything you do, i will personally
come contact you and make your life easier.
► This Session Contains Spiritual healing and calming music, with a dose of your favorite spokesperson and his/her best speeches to aid you in what you have planned to do better in your life.

🎧 The audio used in the videos are combined with eye-opening speeches with chakras and binaural healing music technology which will calm your mind and help in stress and anxiety. It is designed to heal, guide and help you to reprogram your mind from scratch, the way it works is dependent on
the frequency of the beats and how you are feeling at the time will emphasize simultaneous rhythms going on in your brain in different places and will change your brain depending on what your brain is doing.

► Headphones Use Is Advised For Maximum Benefits. And Make Sure To Listen At least for 21 days at the same time of day to get the peak results..

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