Rutilated Quartz Lets Talk Stones

Rutilated Quartz Lets Talk Stones

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Rutilated quartz is a stone that has rutile within the quartz. Working with this stone will speed things up for you, to say the least, however this isn’t a stone that one should work with regularly, this is an emergency type stone. This is the stone that I pick up when I can feel a good come to jesus meeting with myself coming on. This stone helps me be a little kinder, a little more constructive and a little more solution oriented with myself.

What this means is that often times we find that the highest expectations placed on us come from within, when we find ourselves not meeting those expectations we can be rather harsh on ourselves. Sometimes we are downright cruel and punishing to ourselves. This is a pattern that Rutilated Quartz will help us to correct. This stone brings us a vibration that helps us to see patterns where we are being too hard on ourselves, places where we have opportunities to improve by lightening up a little.
For those who suffer from OCD like symptoms this stone can be very enlightening in the patterns that are creating the symptoms. Working with this stone helps us to detect these repetitive self punishing patterns, determine from the mental level whether they are efficient patterns and what action if any needs to be taken.

Rutilated quartz has also been very effective with addictive behaviors, these are self punishing behaviors after all. When working with addictive patterns one should consider working with other stones that also bring in a very self nurturing energy such as lepidolite or ajoite.

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