Ruby Stone – King of Gemstones

astrological planet of Sun, which is the ruler of all planets and source of
energy for everyone, holds an association with Ruby stone. Sun is extremely
influential on different aspects of life of a person. When positive, it makes
one shine like it. When negative, it usually makes one go through health
problems of blood pressure, piles, indigestion, hiccups, cholera, diarrhea,
jaundice, diabetes, and dyspepsia, and other vulnerabilities of back bone,
brain, lungs, eyes, and heart. Ruby stone is effective in either of these two
cases. While positive influences of Sun can be intensified, negative influences
can be nullified by wearing this stone.


Source of Wealth and Reputation

It is
a conferrer of wealth and prosperity. It helps one overcome the state of
deficiency. It brings name and social reputation, and is considered to be in
specifically beneficial to those who are involved in active politics or aspire
to do so. The same goes for those who are holding high ranks and high offices.
Wearing this stone can derive them all the deserved success and repute.


Highly Recommended To

stone has been confirmed to be most effective for those belonging to Leo Zodiac
Sign. It is one confirmed source of success for engineers, jewelers, artists,
politicians, merchants, Government officials, diplomats, dramatists, actors,
mineralogist, and all those involved in any sort of creative work. Those
running a business or trade related to cloth, flowers, paper, or cotton attain
huge benefits, enormous growth, and quick success with the help of this stone.


Rules of Wearing It

and foremost, ensure to buy an authentic Ruby stone only. If you are wearing it
for any astrology based purpose, make sure to have it in at least 3 Ratti. The
heavier it is, the better would be the results. Also, have it in either gold or


process of wearing it can be performed on any auspicious Sunday, when the dawn
is breaking.  However, a night before
i.e. on Saturday night, sink in the stone in a small sized vessel full of the
sacred Ganges water, or a mixture of un-boiled milk and spring water. Let it be
there for the whole night, and bring it out the next morning at the time of
performing the wearing process. Touch the stone with an idol or image of any
deity, in which you hold a profound belief. Wear it in the ring finger of the
right hand, and while doing so, devotedly chant the associated Mantra of “Om
GrrNi Suryay Namah”. Conclude the process by offering devoted prayers to
Sun. On the very same day, donate red cloth, wheat, jiggery, and money to a
Brahmin, in as much capacity as you want.


Things to Remember

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