Rhinestones and its usages

The rhinestones, thanks to the bright reflections of these crystals it allows them to be used in decorations on objects, customize clothes and accessories and it’s a real pleasure! Very easy to implement, no particular technique is used to control for gluing rhinestones: it gives free rein to the imagination! And the applications are numerous: in scrap booking, patch work, painting on metal and of course to customize their own clothing. There are different types of rhinestones and the method of bonding depends on rhinestones but also matter on what you want them to be. Hot-fix rhinestones These pearls have a back pre-sized and a deep heat make special glue melt and allow the setting. The heat source is obvious; of course, the iron (used cotton position without steam and upside Textile). But there is also much easier to handle, an electrical device for applying rhinestones with tips adaptable. The paste can be fixed by placing them on the spot from textiles to decorate, protect a fabric (a cotton cloth, for example) and ironing with the iron for a few tens of seconds. Beyond this size and thickness of the crystal prevents the release of heat to the back of rhinestones and we must apply the iron on the underside of the fabric: the adhesive substance and adheres firmly to textile. There is no such restriction on the use of electrical application that allows setting up rhinestones. The advantage of gluing rhinestones is being able to decorate all sorts of objects and surfaces unsuitable for iron cards and invitation cards for example sunglasses, mobile phone, bags, sandals plastic box metal, woodScience Articles, is a long list of all materials or objects of everyday life that we want to personalize with rhinestones. Choose washing by hand rather than machine (never use drying machine).

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