Reading The Aura And Chakras Using The Psychic Information And Guidelines

The beginning each energy healing treatment by calling in the energy using symbols. After this, your first duty is to begin the process of assessing the condition of your patient. Each patient will present him or herself to you with definite energetic defects in the energy field, and specific treatment needs.

There are three main tools to inform yourself of your patient’s situation: 1) The psychic evidence and guidance you receive regarding the state of your patient’s aura and chakras, as perceived through your intuitive sense 2) Your observations, as you study to observe the aura and chakras of the patient using your own eyes, and 3) Sensations in your hands, especially as you exercise the passing-of-hands over the patient’s energy field. The evidence you receive from these sources will be combined and used together. You will use these tools to look for blocked chakras, leaks and tears in the auric field, auric energy scums, energy reduction and disturbances in energy flow. The simple energetic defects that you will learn to treat as you study this level. The first tool you will study, in order to begin to sense these defects, is the reception of intuitive evidence and supervision.

 A main and very vital device of the healer is the ability to find psychic information and guidance. Beyond the level of our “everyday” awareness, with our busy “thinking mind” which preoccupies itself with the base level of reality, lies a greater realm of awareness, within which lies unlimited knowledge and power. Each of us has, by virtue of our intuitive mind, a connection to this wider realm. This deeper consciousness, present in each of us, contains within it all the evidence we might ever seek to know—including knowledge of the condition of the patient’s aura and chakras, contributing factors in the psychology and life experience of the patient, and the most beneficial way for healing act to proceed. This psychic information can be accessed by developing and refining the connection we all have to this wider empire of awareness. This can be done by nurturing our intuitive abilities, through practice using the proper technique. The healer can therefore acquire this useful information, use it to become more aware of the patient’s condition and thereby be able to plan and give a more current and valuable healing.

 The method to access the information contained in this territory of higher awareness not only permits the healer to receive information on his or her own from the higher awareness of the healer but also to open a channel to receive guidance. Often, the healer will be assisted in obtaining this information, through the assistance of an entity which exists on a higher level of awareness, a higher plane of existence. It acts to provide a channel, to facilitate the reception of this information, as a messenger to assist the healer. Because the guide exists at a higher level of reality, initial contact and effective communication may be difficult, at first, but through the training of the intuitive sense of the healerHealth Fitness Articles, the awareness and communication between healer and guide becomes promising. Chakra and Aura Reader in Brisbane has helped a lot in psychic development in Brisbane and it is a huge scope for development for the people of Brisbane.

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