Psychic Psyche Reading

Transpersonal psychic readings are more of a new age item than most of the other types of readings. The word transpersonal was really only coined in the late 1960’s, early 1970’s. The meaning of transpersonal is that bits and pieces of various parts of religions around the world are melded together to form something that fits with the current day.

The basic concept it based on Hindu religion and hinges around the chakras as well as your auras. A psychic that works with these fields is the most likely person to give you a reading. What the do is check your charkas and auras to see if there are any blocks, imbalances or distortions in these areas. A bit of the Native American culture also appears here in the connection with mother earth and what is often referred to as source energy. This does not only appear in the Native American tribes but in many indigenous tribes around the world. This is a definite melding psychic abilities of both eastern and western cultures into a new age conglomerate, which imparts both the wisdom of the east, with the down to earth aspects of the west. At this stage of the reading what the psychic is doing is basically examining your body to establish what fields need to be addressed.  This is like a physical from a Doctor but without the need to get too close. This is done by examining the aura and the chakras by remote. Once the diagnosis has been made and noted down by the psychic they will look at all your current issues. Here they address anything you are wondering about like relationships, moneyFree Articles, your career and what path your spiritual development is taking. This is where you need to be prepared with the questions you want answers to. Once this has been done it is possible that the area of blocked life patterns could be addressed. This means that any blockages to achieving what you want to do in your current life pattern can be examined and a suggested solution could be presented to you. Here you will probably be given certain exercises to perform and certain meditations to do. The final section of a transpersonal reading is usually the healing part. This is where the psychic goes inwards on the soul to clear any blockage and heal it. Some require just a little work but the rest need more personal attention from the person receiving the reading and this is where the mediation and internal visualisation comes to the fore.

Receiving a reading like this is an experience like no other. It crosses psychic boundaries in a way no other type of reading does. This melding of east and west takes the best from both sides and works with the inner spirit of the person receiving the reading.

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