Preventing Cancer and Diabetes with a Mediterranean Diet

One of the fastest growing trends in dieting is the so-called Mediterranean diet.
This formula for healthier nutrition has been said to have amazing benefits,
including cancer prevention and diabetes control. If you’re interested in learning
more about this diet plan, you’ll find useful
information below.

What is Mediterranean

If you want to follow the Mediterranean diet plan for
nutrition, you’ll need to change a few of your eating habits. For example,
you’ll probably need to consume larger quantities of fruits and vegetables, as
well as fish. At the same time, you’ll need to lower down your consumption of
red meat and get additional protein from small portions of nuts. Drinking red
wine and adding more healthy oils, such as canola and olive oils, to your diet
are also important.

Benefits of the Diet

According to the Mayo Clinic, a study released in 2007 found
that people who followed the diet outlined above had much lower risks of cancer and heart disease than did people who followed
a more Western diet. Additionally, the University of Maryland Medical Center
reports that choosing to follow this lifestyle change has a number of powerful
benefits for people with diabetes, especially
because it is lower in sugar and carbohydrates which can cause spikes in blood
sugar levels.

Reasons to Switch

If don’t want to go through the stress and negative effects
of cancer treatment in your lifetime, changing
to eat more of these Mediterranean foods could be a smart idea. After all, many
of the known cancer causes do relate to improper
nutrition. Plus, if you want to have a healthy immune system to fight back
against abnormal cells you’ll need adequate nutrition that you won’t find in
your average fast food meal. Most of the foods included, such as the heart
healthy oilsFree Articles, will do double or triple duty protecting you from chronic


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