Newport Beach Photographer Offers Crystal Cove Photography Information

Crystal Cove
Photography Information


Cove State
Park is a popular location for professional
photographers to shoot weddings, and engagement and family sessions. This
article provides practical information to photographers who are planning to
shoot there for the first time.


How to Get There


A professional photographer should give clear information to
his clients on how to arrieve at the park.


The park is located on Pacific Coast High between Carona del
Mar and Laguna Beach.
Send your clients the following address so they can enter it into their mapping


Cove State

8471 North
Coast Highway

Laguna Beach
CA 92651


For those who use Latitude/Longitude, the coordinantes are
33.5701 / -117.8756.




There is a small fee for parking at the park. Advise your
clients of this fee. If you are photographing a large extended family and they
car pool, they will be able to save money on both gas and the parking fee.
Remind your clients of this fact before the shoot.


Price of Photographing
at the Park

Unlike many other beaches in Orange CountyPsychology Articles,
Crystal Cove requires the payment of a fee for a photographer to shoot in the
park. A photographer should advise his clients of this fee long before the
shoot so the client can make an educated decision as to whether it is worth
paying the fee to shoot in this beautiful location or if they would like to
shoot at one of the many other beaches that does not require a fee.

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