New age health centers using technology to treat patients

New age health centers using technology to treat patients

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Fitness and wellness is going high tech in California, with some gyms using artificial intelligence to speed up healing and improve treatments.
Upgrade Labs is one of a new generation of treatment centres and claims its state-of-the-art equipment helps to improve multiple health issues.

Here staff call it the wellness gym of the future.
Personalized workouts that include things such as a Virtual Float Tank and an Atmospheric Cell Trainer are part of a new wellness trend set to take off in 2019.
Upgrade Labs (formerly Bulletproof Labs) calls itself the world’s first large “bio-hacking” facility, a place that helps optimize health and performance.
It takes a scientific approach to your entire body inside and out, and focuses on physical fitness, cognitive performance, cellular health, and recovery post injury.
Twenty different pieces of equipment are amalgamated in one center.
What’s new is putting all this latest technology under one roof and focusing on the inner body as much as the outer.
You can come in for one treatment, or you can purchase a variety of monthly memberships for various levels of needs.
Services are said to help muscle, cardio and bone strength, while cognitive training tools help train the brain.
There are also cellular tools help reduce inflammation, pain and improve mitochondria function while regular weight loss equipment and body strength treatments are also available.
Martin Tobias, CEO of Upgrade Labs, Santa Monica, California says biohacking is the place to be in 2019 and puts you in charge of your health journey.
He say these technologies have been available for the rich and famous but now they are accessible to a much wider audience for the first time.
“What biohacking is, is taking control of your own biology and there are many technologies available today for people to be the CEO of their own health and fitness. Things that will let you manage inflammation and that can let you be more efficient building weight, muscle mass, can help you become more cognitively prepared. You can exercise your brain. You can exercise many different parts of your body and measure everything that you’re trying to improve by a bio marker. It’s not any more about how you look in the mirror or the weight on the scale, its about your hormone levels, your cognitive performance, your IQ, your energy levels, things like that,” says Tobias.
Charles Meakin, a cancer radiation oncologist in Gastonia, North Carolina tried the EEG Brain Trainer (NeurOptimal) that trains the brain to focus, and stay calm.
When your mind deviates it pings you
Meakin says this could benefit cancer patients: “I think this is some great science that is not yet in the mainstream of Western medicine and I see my role is to help bring this to some of the cancer clinics in my area and there’s a lot of great recovery opportunities here. There’s a lot of great detoxification strategies and there’s a lot our patients are missing out on that could make their course a lot easier and possibly more successful.”
Ex model and gym goer Eve Mathis swears by what she calls the ‘Cheat Machine’ (officially called ARX.) which uses resistance technology.
According to the trainers, the technology means you don’t have to expend as much energy to get good results.
They claim you can get a thorough workout by going to the gym for fifteen minutes for less than a week.
Upgrade Labs is now expanding and due to open in Beverly Hills at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

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