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Leos! As a group they strut and fret their hours onstage — for the amusement and bemusement of the rest of us. And they are always uniquely themselves. In everyday life, sometimes you just gotta love ’em. Other times you just want to strangle them. They don’t seem able to walk much of a middle ground, either. You’re either on one end of that feeling or the other … with a lot of no-man’s-land in between. You can get whiplash changing sides.Mostly, though, Leos know how to have fun. They enjoy playing the game of life, and they enjoying having others watch them do it. They know how to take a risk … and how to “bet it all” on one turn of the card, one spin of the wheel, one throw of the dice … and trust their renowned, phenomenal luck to somehow, somehow bring them out on top, winners all with a spring in their step and a happy tune to whistle on their way out the door with their pockets abulge with their winnings.  No kidding, the Leos do know how to entertain … themselves and everyone else in the process.And when it comes to romance … oooh, la, la … there is nothin’ like a Leo with courtship on his mind (or her mind)!!  hen you have a Leo lover on the line … you are in for one first class adventure. Everyone should do it at least once.  Again, when you’re dealing with a Leo, you’re in the company of someone whose Inner Kid is usually right there on the surface, ready to flash that patented show of tooth enamel and come out to take a few bows. Leo is renowned for the way he likes to frolic and amuse himself. That’s how it is when, in Life’s game, you are the star of the show.And no matter how old he or she gets to be, you can always see in a Leo’s exploits the outlines of the little scrapper they once were … shouting, “Hey, Ma, watch this!!” as they prepare to do something heart-stopping, often involving heights and with no net below. Sometimes it’s a wonder any of them grow up — let alone grow old.Besides their obvious affinity for politics, Leos do well in the entertainment field — where the literal stages and audiences are found. When they take the time to apply themselves and polish their craft, we all are treated to the wonderful dimensions of Robert de Niro and Dustin Hoffman. When they don’t we’re left with the campiness of Mae West. (But let’s face it. Even then, people bought tickets.)Leos can remind us that even blatant self-esteem has its redeeming side — as well as provide sobering examples of what happens when it grows poisonous and malignant.Leo has a bounding exuberance, an appealing aplomb, an often exasperating self-absorption, and a way of punctuating his behavior that can’t help but remind you of the magician … performing — be he David Copperfield, with the stratospheric budget to provide music, lights, smoke, and curvy eye-candy as part of the experience — or the cheesy carnival conjurer, whisking the cloth away and singing out: “Ta-dah!!”Either way, what they’re waiting for is the applause — and the encouraging shouts of “Encore!!” Give that to a Leo — and he’ll go until he drops. Leo energy is proud, vital, noble, open-handed, passionate, vivacious, prankish, expressive, creative and unsparing of whatever it takes to make a good impression — or at least some impression. Failing to win approval, Leo will settle for whatever consideration he can get. I’ve known Leos who’d be happy to be hanged — as long as all eyes were on them at the time.Go figure.Under stress (like this is a problem for a Leo??), this energy becomes bombastic, pompous, haughty, over-blown, disdainful, bloated, and tyrannical. The words narcissistic and vain may have been invented with a Leo run amok in mind. It’s tiresome to hear the furious complaints that focus on, “Me, ME, ME!!” But, we’re all familiar with them. Unsatisfied Leo energy is nothing if not conspicuous.Leo is concerned with personal charisma and expression of individual spirit.. Leo, for better or worse in his grandstanding and gyrations is being true to himself. And the rest of us get to be ok with that — and take a page from his book, torn out and presented with a sweeping bow, like a trophy, thankyouverymuch — if we need it.  And sometimes, we just might!(c) 2007 Rebecca Brents,  All rights reserved.

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