Michelle Obama and Disney Campaign To Educate About Childhood Obesity, and Healthy Lifestyles.

who spend enormous amounts of money, time and resources on cosmetics, hair
care, skin care and fragrance should also take time to cultivate their beautiful
internal qualities. This is the topic of many inspirational books available

Lady Michelle Obama is now collaborating with Disney. Their goal is to
encourage families and children to consider healthier eating habits, and
healthier lifestyles. But, what is a healthy lifestyle? It means feeling good
about ourselves. It begins with an inside journey towards self-love,
self-acceptance and self-worth.

you discover an inspirational book that contains an impressive collection of
ideas and observations, keep a copy by your bed, in your purse, on your desk
and near your heart. Read a passage each morning to start your day off on the
right track, and end your day on a positive note. Good literature is something
that should be read, then read again…and again and again. It is an intensely
practical activity for fostering inner health.

you cultivate loving attitudes and behaviors, this helps train the mind toward
not only health reaching outward, but also inward. Healthy attitudes will
transform people who strive for self-acceptance and inspiration. If you learn
to view life through a new and unique lens you will experience calm in some of
the most turbulent times. Reducing stress is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

all possess extraordinary inner qualities, somewhere deep within. Whether or
not we’re aware of them, or tap into them, is up to us. Our internal beauty is
profoundly more important than physical appearances. It’s something that we
must develop, nurture and appreciate. We can rarely offer anything to anyone
that we do not already have within our own nature. We must never allow a
limited belief system or any self-doubt to influence our journey.

we face challenges in life, having inner health means we are willing to let go
of the small things and concentrate on the larger picture. We have unlimited
love to give in our life. Each day, we try to open our eyes and see how love is
a force impacting both our beliefs and actions, be them positive or otherwise.
When we develop our inner health, miraculously, our physical health seems to
improve as well.

are some strategies that can help develop a healthy inner lifestyle:

Make a list entitled:  “How to attract more joy into my life.”
This is a powerful exercise that helps us discover our inner happiness.

Write down: “What are my good qualities?” (that don’t relate to
physical appearance.)  Am I kind? Reliable? A good friend? Do I enjoy
animals? Do I accept other people as they are? All these attributes and a host
of others relate to our inner health.

Make a list of: “Things I do to help others.” This gives tangible
evidence of our admirable qualities and how we give service to others.

Write a list: “What bad habits am I willing to overcome?” This
exercise will help us to become more aware of limiting and repetitive behaviors
that don’t work, which tend to block our inner health and beauty.

Write a paragraph: “How can I handle challenges more productively?”
Surrounding ourselves with people who have qualities we admire can instill
values such as: humility, compassion, love, courtesy, cooperation, patience,
tolerance, acceptance and gentleness.

Write a paragraph: “How am I willing to become more of a team
player?”  If we are, then our internal health will tend to shine
through us and people will notice.

Make a list of: “Fears and regrets I am willing to let go of.” What
is important is freedom from regrets of the past and fears of the future. When
we focus on staying in the now; in the present moment, we have gratitude for
all of the abundance in our lives, and fears seem to dissolve.

you want to change and transform? Feel better? Cultivate a new zest for life?
If so, then plant the necessary seeds daily to grow your inner health. Harvest
the flowers of a beautiful mind on a daily basis, and your physical health will
noticeably evolve.

are the essential keys to developing internal health: Avoid negative thoughts
and judgment of others; eschew gossip and unflattering comments about others;
focus on the similarities between people, not the differences; see the goodness
in people. Try to peer inside another human being and see their inner beauty.

these simple guidelines will bring out the best in you. You will attract
healthy people into your life, because they enjoy being around you. When you
are able to attract loving and caring friends, it is the greatest reward of a
healthy lifestyle.

who learn to love themselves on the inside are more inclined to invest
resources that complement and enhance outside appearances. Reading certain
inspirational books can help beautify a person’s insides while beautifying
their outsides.  Sales associates, who increase their self-esteem
from the inside, will likely sell more. You may not be looking to develop internal
health, but your customers, associates, friends and loved-ones might greatly
appreciate what you have done.

a rare inner beauty is a gorgeous gift; it enhances our perceived value; it
commands respect; it can be used to persuade people; it enhances our
self-expression; it helps people to remember us; makes it easier to convince
folks of our point of view; helps build morale in an organization.

Nothing else truly matters except
the way we give and receive love. Your inner health is special only to you.
Celebrate it; share it. Unleash your loving spirit out into the world! Don’t
keep it hidden. Use these suggestions to show everyone how your health shines
from withinArticle Search, and you will gain an amazing and unshakeable self-confidence!

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