Malachite | Healing Properties and Uses | All about Malachite #crystals #crystalhealing

Malachite | Healing Properties and Uses | All about Malachite #crystals #crystalhealing

A green copper carbonate mineral is called malachite. It has a smooth gloss and is a piece of the monolithic crystal system. Malachite is frequently utilised as a copper ore. It occasionally has a patterned surface and opaque transparency. Malachite, which is a deep shade of green, symbolises transformation and good change. Malachite is a multipurpose stone that acts as a protector from the passage of poisonous negative energy, a healer of shattered bones and blood pressure, and a guardian of the heart. Gemstones with a green hue always seem to possess superhuman strength and have a special affinity for the heart chakra. Malachite is no different, and with its energising qualities, it excels in inspiring you to let go of previous traumas and patterns and venture beyond your comfort zone.

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  1. Rainy Peace on February 16, 2023 at 2:49 am

    It’s also applicable for the Libras…Though you have mentioned that everyone may keep it… Thanks for the informative video.