Let's Talk About Bloodstone!

Let's Talk About Bloodstone!

Ever wonder about the properties of crystals and stones? Here are links to the ones we have discussed in the past!

Herkimer Diamond – https://youtu.be/cwCFFg2zbcQ
Selenite – https://youtu.be/2TLG6Za8G9I
Pyrite – https://youtu.be/1wqVM2Isri4
Spirit Quartz/Fairie Quartz – https://youtu.be/dhVJmzhQ4HE
Jade – https://youtu.be/wlpwYHw0sc8
lapis – https://youtu.be/8INducrvxg4
tiger eye – https://youtu.be/j6-k7Wyx6gI
jasper – https://youtu.be/osZ6nrwzkLw
agate – https://youtu.be/JWaq6LdH7QA
garnet – https://youtu.be/7_AL4tF9MR4
snowflake obsidian – https://youtu.be/QymoIOhyHR0
sodalite – https://youtu.be/JzGgng8SaZ8
rose quartz – https://youtu.be/HEYa8ngj_fo
fluorite – https://youtu.be/Ce5jiSw4SJE
amethyst – https://youtu.be/jAv1lOU3AEA
amazonite – https://youtu.be/toT8yR55zsw
moonstone – https://youtu.be/aDeX6GAcLNg
tourmaline – https://youtu.be/UfoPiwthc_8
tourmalated quartz – https://youtu.be/RtuHVYtFCdE
chalcedony – https://youtu.be/dolQVae5wGA
blue lace agate – https://youtu.be/hIHrxHIuKg0
rhodonite – https://youtu.be/OE8qjpkwluM
moldavite – https://youtu.be/glQYTAd2OP4
prehnite – https://youtu.be/ox6lFtj7vqk
turquoise – https://youtu.be/hY4wmFKi3N4
citrine – https://youtu.be/aOIN51JKK4U
tanzanite – https://youtu.be/CPCEhf6snHg
Tabby quartz – https://youtu.be/UQvaCSvw-Yk

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