Kunzite – The Crystal of the Soul's Kiss

Kunzite – The Crystal of the Soul's Kiss

Kunzite is the pink to lilac coloured variety of Spodumene, with the colour coming from minor to trace amounts of manganese. Kunzite is possibly the highest vibrational and potent pink crystal currently available to humanity. The frequency of Kunzite is pure and strong, opening your heart to new levels of love. It supports you in dissolving all past pains and hurt from previous relationships, moving you to experience a higher, unconditional, universal love. Once you have “done your work” in healing your heart, Kunzite is the premier crystal for attracting a soul mate. In fact it empowers you to manifest mutually beneficial relationships in all areas of your life, especially drawing on those that support your soul path. Kunzite also strengthens parent-child connections, initially encouraging the formation of healthy bonds and as the child grows older, it maintains mutual respect and communication. Hold Kunzite against your heart and feel the beat of love.

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