Inspired by the Angels

My dream came true in a way I never had thought it would. I had wanted to be a composer, ever since I was in college. Being a gifted pianist, since the age of five years old, offered me numerous opportunities to share with many people the magnificent sounds of classical music. I was very grateful and yet I had a yearning to create my own compositions.

However, I was not quite prepared for the angelic experience that happened over 30 years later in October of 1993. It was early in the morning and I was watching my hands express Mozart on the keyboard. Feeling uncomfortably warm, I stopped playing and poured myself a glass of water.

To further refresh myself, I went into the dressing room to splash cold water on my face. As I was looking up into the mirror, an unusual thought came to me. I realized today was going to be a very important one in my life; that something was going to happen.

The next thing I knew, my eyes closed. Then a vision of my hands on the black and white keys flashed in my minds eye, as I saw the Mozart sheet music fall to the floor. I visualized transparent hands over mine and I sensed “someone” standing behind me with their hands gently placed on my shoulders.

Startled but still in somewhat of an altered state, I opened my eyes and returned to my beckoning instrument. As I sat down, something told me to put the tape recorder on. My thoughts were, I’ve never done this; I don’t know how. “Just try it. We will help you,” was the response I heard in my head. After I removed the Mozart music from my view, my eyes closed and I put my hands on the keyboard. I felt them moving in very unfamiliar ways. The music I heard sounded unusual to me; different than I had ever expressed before. I was not sure if I even liked it.

Then a voice said, “Ann, open your heart and let us play through you.” After a few more minutes went by, I opened my eyes and looked around the room. My body was trembling and I was very hot. I felt shaky and weak. I barely made it to my bedroom to put on the air-conditioner and lie down. The room was spinning for awhile and I rested until I regained my composure.

Later that night, I gathered the courage to listen to the tape. The music still sounded strange to me but I could not deny its beauty. I knew that it was special and different. After I heard it a few times, I started to like the tones and melodies.

The Angels continued to play through me and my body gradually became accustomed to the high vibrations. I often still felt hot but not so tired. The original section I played turned out to be the beginning of the first tape entitled, “Angels of Peace.” I realized how powerful the music was only after I heard the whole album in a professional recording studio.

Now, five years later, the angelic beings and I have created a series of seven tapes and three CD’s. I feel deeply touched, honored and privileged to have the divine opportunity to compose music inspired by the graciousScience Articles, loving angels.

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