Indian Astrology or Moon Astrology

Indian Astrology is known by various other names as Hindu, Moon or Vedic Astrology. This helps in predicting the events in the life of a person along with the best solutions for the problems in the life. Moon signs are different from the sun sings in the horoscope.

Indian Astrology is the oldest and the traditional form of astrology, also known as Moon Astrology. It was originated by the Vedas, which are the oldest holy texts. There are twelve signs in this system, which are:




























Moon signs came into existence later to simplify the Indian Astrology or the moon astrology. There are in total 28 sub signs known as constellation in addition to the 12 signs. Out which only 27 constellations are taken into consideration and the 28th is Abhijeet, which is not considered while prediction process. 


There are in total five elements, as per the Shastras or Vedas:

While studying a horoscope or while predicting the future of a person, all the above five elements along with the 12 moon signs and the 27 sub signs are considered. The Ascendant or Lagna is the most important and effective point in the horoscope chart. Ascendant means ‘self’ and is ruled by the fifth element ‘sky’.  This structure of astrology follows the calendar according to the constellations. The moon is in the center and governs the emotions and mind of a person. No movement is possible without moons cooperation as it is the fastest moving planet. Western Astrology states, No event will take place without the aspect of moon. Moon is given the utmost importance in the Indian astrology because it rules the mind.

Dasha System:

A planetary structure or system is known as the Dasha system in Indian Astrology. Future predictions are done on the basis of the planet transitions or with the help of the Dasha period. In the horoscope of the person, the strong planets will give the auspicious results during the transition or Dasha period.  There are various Dasha systems such as, Sodashottari, vimshottari, dwadsshattari to name a few.  Dasha period is calculated on the basis of the moon in the chart.


It is a very important concept in the Indian astrology. It helps in taking the right and accurate decisions for every aspect of life. It is a well versed system of studying the horoscope on the basis of the two planetary positions in a person’s birth or natal chart. It gives a complete image of a person in terms of, health, education, lovePsychology Articles, career money and many other aspects of the horoscope. It gives an exact picture of the Dasha system. No other method can show the accurate result as the Ashtakvarga.

The purpose of Indian Astrology:

The main purpose is to inform people about their life on the basis of the zodiac signs and the planets at the time of birth. It acts as a guide and advices people to do a certain thing at a certain situation. This also helps a person in taking the right decision at the right time and grabbing the good opportunities in the life to be content and successful in the life. It prepares a person beforehand in taking actions for the upcoming situation. Be it bad or good. Solution to a problem in advance gives a person the courage and strength to face every situation.

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