How to Use Amazonite Crystal for Healing and Communication

How to Use Amazonite Crystal for Healing and Communication How to Use Amazonite Crystal for Healing and Communication:

Amazonite takes its name from the Amazon river, where deposits of this stone are found in abundance. Also found in Madagascar, Canada, Russia, India, Brazil, Namibia, Mozambique and the United States, this stone has been around for thousands of years.

This stone is particularly helpful to aid your ability to communicate since it helps to align your speech to higher ideals while using the power of the spoken words to clearly express your thoughts. Amazonite has powerful vibrations that work through the throat chakra as well as the heart or thymus chakra to enhance your powers of communication.

In addition, Amazonite is also used to relieve stress. It also an energizing stone and will assist you in healing and restoring any problems within your etheric body. Furthermore, it can be used for protection against electromagnetic waves given off by cell phones, microwaves and many other electronic devices.

Amazonite jewelry is quite easy to find for purchase online and wearing this beautiful stone will instill in you a sense of calm and balance.

My Favorite Amazonite Bracelet
My Favorite Amazonite Bracelet
I personally enjoy wearing an Amazonite bracelet often or when I feel I need to emphasize my powers of communication or heal a specific area of my body. In addition, wearing it in bracelet form allows me to combine it with other stone bracelets to achieve many other desired effects.

I definitely recommend adding Amazonite to your healing stone collection not only for its beauty but also for its incredible powers.

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