How to Purchase and Take Care of Turquoise Jewelry?


You can increase the life of turquoise jewelry by first making a careful choice and then, by preserving its appeal with some good efforts.How to Purchase Turquoise?Before you purchase a turquoise necklace or any other form of jewelry, it is important to learn its most significant aspects:Turquoise is a soft gem and can obtain scratches as well as cracks.Turquoise is porous and possesses a cryptocrystalline structure.This gem is generally available in different variations of blue color, though you can also find its green varieties.Talking in terms of transparency, turquoise falls in the category of opaque gems.Thus, you should discuss all these aspects of turquoise with your jeweler before purchasing it. Your choice for an authorized online jewelry dealer can also affect the goodness of this material. Turquoise is used in its natural as well as treated form for crafting beautiful pieces of jewelry. While natural turquoise is expensive, the treated or dyed gem costs lower. Thus, make sure that you are able to recognize the type of turquoise used, s that you pay the right price for this jewelry form.Taking Care of TurquoiseAs it is soft, the turquoise jewelry must be stored away from hard surfaces as metals. Use plastic bags for this purpose. Your beauty products like cosmetic creams and body oils can help the color of this gem to fade. So, make sure you wear them carefully on your body. The exposure to sun and high temperature must be prohibited. Dont use hot water and soaps and detergents for cleaning jewelry, prepared using turquoise. It is easy to maintain the brilliance of turquoise jewelry for long. Be an informed buyer and care-taker, and you will find your investment in these gems bearing fruits.

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