How do crystal chandeliers fit into today’s decorating aesthetics

But the biggest thing that happened is when
(manufacturers) started pairing crystal with iron, which has a more
casual look. It became more appropriate. It’s what I call affordable
crystal. Suddenly, they’re mixing it with everything. Today’s crystal is
elegant but comfortable – not quite as Baroque. The baubles are also
simpler, smooth teardrop shapes and balls.

I use crystal in bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms and powder rooms.
I don’t to like crystal in the kitchen. To me it just isn’t
appropriate, but if you open up a magazine today, you’ll even see a
crystal chandelier in the kitchen. We’re in an era when anything goes,
as long as it’s well done.

Crystal adds sparkle, reflection, refinement and romance. It casts a sparkle that reflects almost like candlelight.

For a time, many people shied away from crystal because it reminded
them of their great aunt’s staunch home with lace doilies. When crystal
was popular during the 1940s and ‘50s, those fixtures were all crystal,
and they looked almost garish rather than refines. They felt icy and

The combination of iron and crystal really helped “tenderize” the
public… retailers have brought crystal to the forefront and introduced
the comfort of crystal to the general public.

Most of the chandeliers I use do have some touches of iron in them to
add a bit of warmth. I’m working on a chateau-type home right now with
crystal chandeliers all over the place.

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