Holistic Healing Schools

Find Holistic Healing Schools in the United States and Canada.  If becoming a holistic health practitioner is enticing to you, than choosing from one of a number accredited holistic healing schools can provide you with the necessary skills and ability to grow both personally and professionally.  And, earning your degree through any one of several holistic healing schools can give you the edge in attaining a rewarding career and financial stability.

Prospective students, who are in the market for an alternative to mainstream health education, may find a number of holistic healing schools an opportune investment for their future.  Some of the many training programs offered through holistic healing schools include courses in massage therapy, reflexology, holistic nutrition, iridology, spiritual healing, Chinese medicine, Feng Shui, kinesiology, light therapies, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Shiatsu, Trager therapy and many other unique classes. 

Typically, most holistic healing schools provide some type of certificate or diploma program, but in more advanced institutions, degree programs may be accessible as well.  Holistic healing schools may extend continuing education and distance learning options to students and other professional practitioners who wish to expand their knowledgebase and increase client services.  Much of these courses are relatively inexpensive, but well worth the effort. 

Holistic healing schools commonly provide diverse massage therapy programs that range from 300-1,000+ hours in length.  Depending on the complexity of classes taken in one of these holistic healing schools, students can gain certification in advanced massage therapy, spa and aromatherapy, homeopathy and holistic nutrition.  Standard coursework given at holistic healing schools generally includes anatomy and physiology, business management and communication skills; in addition to principle subject(s) of study.

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Holistic Healing Schools

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